Pompadour Used Perfume Instead of Water for Cleaning

About the french Marquis de Pompadour who used perfume instead of water to help his aroma.


Pompadour Used Perfume instead of Water. "While French Kings and courtesans possessed baths of considerable splendor, bathing was extremely occasional and wariness of water continued into the 18th century, when the arts of powdering and perfuming reached their apogee. The Marquise de Pompadour spent an estimated L1 million a year on fragrances, and it was rumored that Du Barry secreted scented pads about her person in order to seduce Louis XV. Most people were quite content with their own natural aroma, however. When an outspoken lady friend told Samuel Johnson that the 'smelled,' the gamy and garrulous doctor had no quarrel with the intent of her statement but expressed great concern over her misuse of verbs. 'You smell,' he corrected; 'I stink.'"

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