Portugal: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Portugal, peasants and people, exports, Portuguese women get the vote.



The majority of the population are peasants. In the north, the land is usually divided into small family farms of about 2 acres each. This is not enough to support the owners and many of them are forced to seek work in the cities or to emigrate. In the south and central portions, peasants usually farm large estates for absentee landlords. Portugal's primary exports are cork (half of the world's cork is produced in Portugal), wines (port and Madeira are the best known), and olive oil.

Since 1960 one of the other main exports has been cheap labor. Because of economic conditions and required military service in the colonial wars in Africa, the country has lost a great deal of its young, working population to France, West Germany, Brazil, and Canada. Paris has the largest Portuguese population of any city in the world outside of Lisbon. Remittances sent home by Portuguese workers abroad have amounted to approximately $1 billion.

Salazar, Portugal's dictator for 40 years, suffered a stroke in 1968. Marcello Caetano was appointed Premier, but no one dared to inform Salazar, during the 2 following years he remained alive, that he had been replaced.

The resolution which gave all literate women the vote in 1968, concluded that "it has been verified that women are more conservative than men and much more afraid of adventure and chance."

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