Predictions by Psychologist Herbert A. Otto

About psychologist Herbert A. Otto and some of his predictions on the future of sex, relationships, and marriage.

Predictor: HERBERT A. OTTO

Herbert A. Otto is a psychologist who has written extensively on male-female relationships.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: No Dates Given

--Changes in society now taking place--such as increasing employment for women and greater equality between the sexes--will liberate women from the conscious feelings of worthlessness that hold them back. Male-female relationships will become more intimate, less superficial, and more egalitarian.

--Increasingly, women will be initiating relationships, rather than consistently allowing the man to make the 1st move.

--Marriage--as well as erotic friendships and sexual liaisons--between members of contrasting races and religions will take place with greater frequency, and will be more accepted than it is today.

--There will be a proliferation of alternatives to the mom-and-pop approach to raising children, including single parents, communes, multiple parents, and family clusters. The participation of the father in the delivery of his child will be taken for granted. Children will be treated with greater respect and given more autonomy.

--Sex will be seen less and less as a male-oriented activity in which the woman remains essentially passive; rather, it will be viewed as an activity in which both sexes play an equal role, and are equally entitled to the pleasures it offers.

--Variant sexual preferences, including homosexuality, will be tolerated and respected universally.


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