Predictions for the World by Emmet John Hughes

About political scientist Emmet John Huges, his biography and some of his predictions for the future of the world.


Emmet John Hughes, who is currently a political science professor at Rutgers University and a columnist for Newsweek, spent 20 years as a foreign correspondent for Time-Life and was a speech writer for President Eisenhower. He predicts dramatic changes in the world map over the course of the next few decades.

Past Predictions: Right--In 1974, Hughes said that the Sino-Soviet conflict would never explode into total war; that Great Britain would not throw in its lot with the U.S., but instead, would ally itself more closely with France, West Germany, and Italy; and that the communist satellite nations of Eastern Europe would not rise up in rebellion against the Soviet Union. To date, these prophecies have been borne out.

Future Predictions: For 2024

--In Asia, the 2 Vietnams will be united under a Communist regime, as will North and South Korea. Conversely, India's insuperable top-heaviness will eventually fragment that nation into several parts. Mainland China, of course, will engulf Taiwan, and then direct its quest for new conquests southward.

--Economic necessity will override patriotism and cause the nations of Western Europe to band together--if not under a single government, then certainly in a close politico-economic alliance.

--Quebec will secede from Canada and form an independent republic. The 3 prairie provinces--Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba--will likewise secede and become part of the U.S.

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