Predictions of Leo Tolstoi

About the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy and some of his predictions about the future.

Predictor: LEO TOLSTOI

1828-1910. Russian novelist and writer on religion, ethics. Just before death, in trancelike state, he made the following prophecy:

Past Predictions:--"I see floating upon the sea of human fate the huge silhouette of a nude woman. Nations rush madly after her. In her hair--an ornament of diamonds and rubies--is engraved her name: 'Commercialism.'"

"Commercialism" interpreted as "Materialism."

--"And behold, she has 3 gigantic arms with 3 torches of universal corruption in her hands. The 1st torch represents war. The 2nd torch bears the flame of bigotry and hypocrisy. The 3rd torch is that of law, that dangerous foundation of all unauthentic traditions." Law interpreted as a device to justify false ethics.

--"The great conflagration will start about 1912, set by the torch of the 1st arm in the countries of southeastern Europe." The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in the Balkans in 1914 ushered in W.W. I.

--"But, about the year 1915 a strange figure from the North--a new Napoleon--enters the stage of the bloody drama. He is a man of little militaristic training, a writer or journalist, but in his grasp most of Europe will remain until 1925." Nikolai Lenin, revolutionary writer, threatened to spread Communism over all Europe until his death in 1924.

--"The end of the great calamity will mark a new political era. The world will form a federation of the United States of Nations. There will remain only 4 great giants--the Anglo-Saxons, the Latins, the Slavs, and the Mongolians." League of Nations and power blocs: U.S. and Britain, Russians (Slavs), Chinese (Mongolians), but Latin power bloc as yet unfulfilled.

--"After the year 1925 I see a change in religious sentiments. The 2nd torch has brought about the fall of the Church. The ethical idea has almost vanished." Present worldwide moral decay, beginning with hedonism of the Twenties.

Future Predictions:

--"But, the great reformer arises. He will clear the world of the relics of monotheism and lay the cornerstone of the temple of pantheism. I see the peaceful beginning of an ethical era. The man determined to this mission is a Mongolian Slav. He is already walking the earth." The reformer has not yet appeared. If so, he must be over 60 now. It is getting late for the fulfillment of the prophecy.

--"In place of the polygamy and monogamy of today, there will be poetagamy--a relation of the sexes based fundamentally upon poetic conceptions of life." Trend of youth toward expression of sexual freedom in poetic rather than hypocritical manner.

--"And I see the nations growing wiser and realizing that the alluring woman of their destinies is after all nothing but an illusion. There will be a time when the world will have no use for armies, hypocritical religions, and degenerate art."

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