Predictions of Nostradamus or Michel de Nostredame

About the famous psychic Nostradamus and a number of his predictions in history and for the future including an account of the great war.

Predictor: MICHEL DE NOSTREDAME, known as Nostradamus

1503-1566. French physician, astrologer, clairvoyant. Acclaimed even today as one of the foremost seers in the history of the world. Appointed by Charles IX "physician in ordinary" at the French court.

Past Predictions:-In 1555, his 1st volume of Centuries, which contained 354 quatrains, included a verse that would bring him fame 4 years later:

The young lion shall overcome the old one

In martial field by a single duel.

In a golden cage he shall put out his eye,

Two wounds from one, then shall die he a cruel death.

In 1559 Henry II, the Old Lion, had his golden helmet accidentally pierce with a splinter from a wooden lance in tournament with a knight calling himself the Young Lion. It put out his eye and penetrated his brain.

-The Great Fire of London in 1666:

The blood of the just shall be dry in London.

Burnt by the fire of 3 times 20 and 6.

The ancient dame shall fall from her high place,

Of the same sect many shall be killed.

The Virgin's statue atop St. Paul's did indeed fall.

-Louis XV's spendthrift ways would lead to the monarchy's collapse:

He who succeeds to the Grand Monarch dead,

Will lead an evil and illicit life,

By his neglectful habit, he will entrust The management to others,

So that at last the Salic law will fall.

-The French Revolution, including France's financial collapse:

Despite the king, the coin shall be brought lower,

The people shall rise against their king,

Peace being made, holy laws made worse,

Paris was never in such great disorder.

-Deaths of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and Reign of Terror:

The Assembly will condemn the king taken,

And the queen taken by jurors sworn by lot;

They will deny life to the dauphin,

And the prostitute at the fort will partake the same fate.

-The rise of the earlier "rejected" Queen Elizabeth over the cruel Mary Tudor, traitorous Mary Queen of Scots, her glory, and her death at 70 in 1603:

The rejected one shall at last reach the throne,

Her enemies found to have been traitors.

More than ever shall her period be triumphant,

At 70 she shall assuredly go to her death in the 3rd year of the century.

-Of Napoleon, born on Corsica, he predicted:

An emperor will be born near Italy,

Who will be sold to the Empire at a very dear price,

One will say from the men he rallies round him,

That he is less prince than butcher.

-Of Napoleon's downfall and exile to Elba, his escape, and his final defeat at Waterloo by the British where his men, like bees, yielded up their blood ("liquor"), though he himself escaped death:

The captive prince, conquered, to Elba,

He will pass the Gulf of Genoa by sea to Marseilles,

He is completely conquered by a great effort of foreign forces,

Though he escapes the fire, the bees yield liquor by the barrel.

-W.W. I is predicted astrologically for 1914:

The regions subject to Libra [Austria and the Balkan]

Will make the world tremble by great war,

Blood, fire there will be

When Mercury, Mars, Jupiter are in France.

-The Russian Revolution is foreseen when the Czar was killed and Lenin took his place:

The Slavic people in a warlike hour

Will be so highly lifted up by their ideals,

That they will change a prince,

And bring forth a person of lowly birth to rule.

-The weakness of the League of Nations results in W.W. II:

By the Germans and neighboring countries,

There will be wars because of grievances,

The faults of Geneva

Will be laid bare.

-Hitler himself is named, according to some interpreters, by popular anagram fashion of Nostradamus' day, as well as the dictator's vexatious rule over his ally, Italy:

Liberty shall not be recovered,

A black, fierce, villainous, evil man shall occupy it,

When the ties of his alliance are wrought.

Venice shall be vexed by Hister.

Future Predictions:

-Revolution shall come, the result of the troops of a great nation scattered abroad:

Through the abundance of the army scattered,

High will be low, low will be high,

Too great a faith, lives lost in jesting,

To die by thirst through abundance of want.

-Yet Communism shall not be the victor:

The philosophy of life according to Thomas More,

Will be unsuccessful, and will give way to another much more seductive,

In the land of cold winds is where it will first fail,

Because of the deeds and language of one more attractive.

-The Soviet Union and the U.S. shall join forces to oppose a new tyrant:

One day the 2 great masters shall be friends,

Their great powers shall be increased,

The new land shall be in a flourishing condition,

The numbers shall be told to the Bloody Person.

-The new tyrant shall be a militant Arab leader:

Out of the country of greater Arabia,

Shall be born a strong master of Mohammedan law,

Who shall vex Spain and conquer Granada,

And by sea shall come to the Italian nation.

--And Arab-Western forces will meet in conflict:

In the fields of Media, Arabia, and Armenia

Two great armies shall meet thrice,

Near the shore of Araxes, the people

Of great Suleiman shall fall down.

--As a result of the U.S.-U.S.S.R. alliance, China will feel betrayed and ally herself with the Arab powers:

When those of the Arctic pole shall be united together,

There shall be in the East great fear and trembling,

One shall be newly elected that shall bear the brunt,

Rhodes, Constantinople shall be dyed with barbarian blood.

--An Arab-Chinese invasion:

The African heart will come from the Orient,

To vex the head of Italy and the heirs of Romulus,

Accompanied by the Libyan fleet,

Malta will tremble, the neighboring isles will be empty.

--And on into France:

The Oriental will leave his seat,

He will pass the Apennine Mountains to see France,

He will pierce through the sky, the waters, and the snow,

And he will strike everyone with his rod.

--The invasion, having swept through the Balkans, will enter Germany and France:

In the Danube and Rhine shall come to drink

The great Camel, and shall not repent,

The Rhone shall tremble and more those of Loire,

And near the Alps the Cock shall ruin them.

--In spite of this temporary rear-guard victory by the French:

The Arab Prince Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo,

The rule of the Church will succumb by sea,

Towards Persia nearly a million men,

The true serpent will invade Byzantium and Egypt.

--Guided missiles are forecast:

After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared,

The Great Mover renews the ages,

Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,

In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.

--Nuclear bombing will light the heavens with the blinding brilliance of 2 suns, and the Pope himself shall flee:

The great star will burn for 7 days,

The cloud will cause 2 suns to appear,

The big mastiff will howl all night,

When the great Pontiff will change country.

--The Arabs and Chinese will finally be driven off by a German:

A Germanic heart will be born of Trojan blood,

Who will attain to a very high degree of power,

He will drive out the foreign Arabian people,

Restoring the Church to its pristine preeminence.

--Then, in Nostradamus' only dated quatrain, he stated that in July, 1999, this new leader will wage terrible war against the foe:

In the year 1999 and 7 months,

From the skies shall come an alarmingly powerful king,

To raise again the great King of Jacquerie,

Before and after, Mars shall reign at will.

--War continues until the old century is about to expire, when, between November 23 and December 21, 1999, the fabled Battle of Armageddon takes place:

When a fish pond that was a meadow shall be moved,

Sagittarius being in the ascendant,

Plague, Famine, Death by the military hand,

The Century approaches renewal.

--With victory, the world enters upon an Age of Peace. Not until the 7th millennium will the destruction of the earth occur:

The year of the great 7th number accomplished,

There shall be seen the sports of the ghostly sacrifices,

Not far from the great age of the millennium,

That the buried shall come out of their graves.

Twenty years of the reign of the moon having passed,

Seven thousand years shall another hold his monarchy,

When the sun shall resume his days past,

Then is fulfilled and ends my prophecy.

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