President Abraham Lincoln: Others Speak, Quotes about Him

Some quotes and quotations about President of the United States Abraham Lincoln.

Quotes about Him:

"If you heard him fellin' trees in a clearin' you would say that there was 3 men at work by the way the trees fell."--Dennis Hanks, Lincoln's cousin

"He worked for me, but was always reading and thinking. I used to get mad at him for it. I say he was awful lazy. He would laugh and talk, crack jokes and tell stories all the time. He said to me that his father taught him to work but he never taught him to love it."--John Romaine

"He always told only enough of his plans and purposes to induce the belief that he had communicated all; yet he reserved enough to have communicated nothing."--Leonard Swett, Lincoln's friend and one of his campaign managers

"Anyone who thinks Lincoln calmly gathered his robes about him, waiting for the people to call him, has a very erroneous knowledge of Lincoln. He was always calculating and planning ahead."-William Herndon, Lincoln's law partner

"We know Old Abe does not look very handsome, but if all the ugly men in the U.S. vote for him, he will surely be elected."-Republican campaign propaganda, 1860

"Can you Republicans deny that this day and this hour your candidate, Abraham Lincoln, is the agent and attorney of the Illinois Central Railroad, making stump speeches on its money? Can you deny that he received from the company a single fee of $5,000 for procuring a decree releasing its property from taxation in McLean County, thus taking the side of the company against the people whose votes he is now seeking?"-Stephen A. Douglas, October 5, 1858

"He is a huckster in politics; a 1st-rate 2nd-rate man."-Abolitionist Wendell Phillips

"His was the greatest character since Christ."-Lincoln's personal secretary, John Hay

"My father's life was of a kind which gave me but little opportunity to learn the details of his early career. During my childhood and early youth he was almost constantly away from home, attending courts or making political speeches."-Robert Todd Lincoln

"Do you mean to say that she saw the President alone? Do you know that I never allow the President to see any woman alone?"-Mary Todd Lincoln, 1865

"In Washington the most striking thing is the absence of personal loyalty to the President. It does not exist. He has no admirers, no enthusiastic supporters, none to bet on his head."-Richard Henry Dana, 1862

"Our country owes all her troubles to him, and God simply made me the instrument of His punishment."-John Wilkes Booth

"Keenly aware of his role as the exemplar of the self-made man, he played the part with an intense and poignant consistency that gives his performance the quality of high art. The 1st author of the Lincoln legend and the greatest of the Lincoln dramatists was Lincoln himself."-Historian Richard Hofstadter

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