President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Reelection and Second Term

About the reelection and second term of President Franklin D. Roosevelt n the United States, the New Deal in action.


Reelection: November 3, 1936....

The Republicans had hysterically denounced nearly all of Roosevelt's reforms, and in the 36 campaign they launched a noble crusade to "save America from Socialism." Their presidential candidate was a genial but colorless conservative named Alf Landon, who was dubbed by his supporters "the Kansas Coolidge." Another Landon nickname, "the Kansas Sunflower," led to a popular Democratic bumper sticker which read: "Sunflowers Wilt in November." This proved an accurate prediction, as Roosevelt and Garner rolled up one of the greatest landslides in American history, carrying every State in the union except Maine and Vermont. The final electoral tally was 523 to 8. The popular vote saw a record plurality of nearly 11 million.

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