President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Vital Statistics

About President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, his birthplace and where he died, the day and date of his birth and death.


Born: January 30, 1882, at Hyde Park, N.Y. His gracious Hudson River valley birthplace is usually described as an "estate," but FDR himself preferred to think of it as a "farm." Visitors to the 187-acre site, now a historic landmark, can decide for themselves which title is more accurate. Hyde Park is located on U.S. 9, 4 mi. north of Poughkeepsie. Admission: 50 cent.

Died: April 12, 1945, in the "Little White House" at Warm Springs, Ga. The President had gone to Warm Springs to rest (under doctor's orders) and to prepare for the upcoming organizational meeting of the UN. On the morning of April 12, he donned a Harvard crimson tie and his familiar black navy cape and went into the living room of his cottage to pose for a portrait. The artist worked quietly at her easel and Roosevelt glanced through a sheaf of papers, while the servants laid out lunch dishes on a nearby table. Suddenly, the President raised a hand to his forehead and said softly: "I have a terrific headache." Then he slumped back in his chair, unconscious. Three hours later, he was dead of a cerebral hemorrhage. Roosevelt, who was 63, was buried in his garden at Hyde Park.

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