President George Washington: Vital Statistics

About the first President of the United States George Washington, his birth date and place and death date and place.



Born: February 22, 1732, on his family's modest estate in Westmoreland County, Va. His birthplace was destroyed by fire in 1779, and no records describing the house have survived. Nevertheless, in 1932 Washington enthusiasts erected a building on the site, based on designs of well-known homes of the period. This Washington birthplace "shrine" is currently administered by the National Park Service. Located in Wakefield, Va., it is open to the public daily. Admission: $1.

Died: December 14, 1799, at his longtime home, Mount Vernon, Va. Two days earlier, Washington, who was nearly 68, made his normal circuit of the farms that he owned, riding 15 mi. through hail and snow. He awoke that night with a chill. Though scarcely able to speak and breathing with difficulty, he would not let his wife get up to call a servant, for fear that she might catch cold. He had contracted pneumonia, and his condition was soon worsened by the attending physicians, who bled him according to the practice of the time. Just moments before his death, he put the fingers of his left hand on his right wrist to count his pulse, his lips moving. It is reported that his last words were: '''Tis well." Washington is buried on the grounds of Mount Vernon. This estate, which has been carefully preserved, is each year visited by more tourists than any other presidential home. It is located off State highway 235, overlooking the Potomac River. Admission: $1.25.

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