President Gerald Ford: Quotes about Ford

Some quotes and quotations about President of the United States Gerald Ford.

Quotes about Him:

"I got the impression of a fellow with the mind of a child in a man's body, a big St. Bernard."--Virginia Berry, one of Ford's high school classmates

"He played too much football with his helmet off."--Lyndon Johnson

"Mediocre is a word people in Grand Rapids often used to describe him, as though that would be the best kind of official to have."--Peter Rand

"Gerald Ford is one of the relatively few living Americans who not only admires Richard Nixon but actually likes him."--Larry L. King

"I cannot dislike him personally--he's cordial and gracious. But he's consistently wrong and consistency is a virtue of small minds. He's never proposed a constructive solution to anything."--Congressman Robert F. Drinan

"He doesn't have the intellect and magnificence of Adlai Stevenson, the flourish of John Kennedy, or the fire of Spiro Agnew--but he tends to be more believable and sincere than Richard Nixon."--Michael Doyle, editor of a volume of Ford's speeches

"Jerry's the only man I ever knew who can't walk and chew gum at the same time."--Lyndon Johnson

"Jerry doesn't really have a 1st-class mind. But, then, neither did Eisenhower."--Anonymous member of Ford's staff

"Ford isn't a bad man, but he's dumb--dumb. He shouldn't be dumb either. He went to school just like everybody else."--Rev. Duncan Littlefair, Grand Rapids

"He has a slow mind, but he has backbone."--Congressman Barber Conable

"He's a go-getter. When he skis, he skis hard. When he's with the family, he's with the family hard. He goes at everything 100%."--Ford's son, Michael

"I'm for women's lib, but I don't mind walking 3 paces behind Jerry."--Betty Ford

"He's not stupid, he's not dumb. He's ignorant. . . . If Jerry saw a hungry child, he would give the kid his lunch. But he can't see that voting against the school lunch program is depriving millions of kids of food."--A. Robert Kleiner, early Ford supporter

"You couldn't do as well as Jerry has done without being bright."--John Milinowski, former Ford aide

"He's not dumb. . . . He's a very solid, straightforward, decent sort of bird of moderate ability."--Yale Law Professor Eugene Rostow

"I wish I'd married a plumber. At least he'd be home by 5 o'clock."--Betty Ford

"The common idea that he's just like the guy next door--good-natured, well-adjusted and easygoing--is obviously absurd. The guy next door doesn't spend 16 hours a day and 25 years of his life in a nonstop quest for votes, power, and admiration. Like most politicians, Ford is a driven man."--Michael S. Medved

"I can't possibly believe Jerry's a dumb-dumb. He couldn't possibly have been reelected from the district all these years. . . . How many really intelligent Presidents have we had? I think a President has to be able to think like the people think."--Betty Ford

"Poor, dull Jerry."--Alice Roosevelt Long-worth

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