President Gerald Ford: Quotes from Ford

Some quotes and quotations from President of the United States Gerald Ford.

Quotes from Ford:

"When a man is asked to make a speech, the 1st thing he has to decide is what to say."

"If Lincoln were alive today he would be spinning in his grave."

"I must have centered the ball 500,000 times in high school and college."

"If we give up in South Vietnam, it would give up Southeast Asia, and our defense lines would be driven back to the Hawaiian Islands."--1965

"Personally, I am glad that thousands of fine young Americans can spend this Saturday afternoon knocking each other down in a spirit of clean sportsmanship and keen competition."--1966

"I personally believe that the communist powers of the world implacably seek the downfall of the Free World nations--chiefly, the U.S."--1968

"The election of Richard Nixon. . . would mean that laws already on the books would be enforced. Criminals and crime bosses would come under massive attack led by a Republican President and a Republican Attorney General."--1968

"I believe President Nixon--like Abraham Lincoln-is a man uniquely suited to serve our nation in a time of crisis."--February 10, 1969

"Thanks to my football experience, I know the value of team play. It is, I believe, one of the most important lessons to be learned and practiced in our lives."--1969

"I only wish that I could take the entire U.S. into the locker room at half time. I would simply say that we must look not at the points we have lost but at the points we can gain. We have a winner. Americans are winners."--Speech to football awards dinner, 1973

"I would say I am a moderate on domestic issues, a conservative in fiscal affairs, and a dyed-in-the-wool internationalist in foreign affairs."--1973

"I'm a Ford, not a Lincoln. My addresses will never be as eloquent."--1973

"Truth is the glue that holds governments together. Compromise is the oil that makes governments go."--1973

"You can literally move mountains, mine the oceans, master the energy of the sun, and climb the highest peak of all--world peace. It won't be easy. But the achievements of the Tinley Park Titans weren't won easily either."--Speech to Tinley Park High School, Ill., 1974

"It's the quality of the ordinary, the straight, the square, that accounts for the great stability and success of our nation. It's a quality to be proud of."--1974

"I am the 1st eagle scout Vice-President of the U.S.!"--1974

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