President Harry S Truman: Others Speak Quotes about Him

Some quotes and quotations about President of the United States Harry S Truman.

Quotes about Him:

"He didn't put on airs."--Bess Truman

"I must confess, sir. . . . I loathed your taking the place of Franklin Roosevelt. I misjudged you badly. Since that time, you, more than any other man, have saved Western Civilization."--Winston Churchill

"Mr. Truman is not performing, and gives no evidence of his ability to perform, the function of the Commander-in-chief. At the very center of the Truman Administration there is a vacuum of responsibility and authority."--Walter Lippman, 1946

"I had talked with Mr. Truman for only a few minutes when I began to realize that the man had a real grasp of the situation. What a surprise and relief this was! He knew the facts and the sequence of events and he had a keen understanding of what they meant."--W. Averell Harriman, U.S. Ambassador to Russia

"To err is Truman."--Republican slogan

"At this writing, the President's influence is weaker than any President's has been in modern history."--Arthur Krock, The New York Times, April, 1948

"I don't care how the thing is explained. It defies all common sense to send that roughneck ward politician back to the White House."--Sen. Robert Taft on the election of 1948

"Mr. Truman, Dean Acheson and other Administration officials for political purposes covered up this Communist conspiracy and attempted to halt its exposure."--Richard M. Nixon, 1952

"Truman was the last authentic American, with all the characteristic faults and virtues of the breed, to occupy the White House, and I doubt very much if there will ever be another."--Malcolm Muggeridge

"I have read over and over again that he was an ordinary man. . . . I consider him one of the most extraordinary human beings who ever lived."--Dean Acheson

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