President Harry S Truman: Truman Speaks Quotes from Him

Some quotes and quotations from President of the United States Harry S Truman.

Quotes from Truman:

"In the middle of the speech, some big voice up in the corner hollered out, 'Give 'em hell, Harry!' Well, I never gave anybody hell--I just told the truth on these fellows and they thought it was hell."

"I learned that a leader is a man who has the ability to get other people to do what they don't want to do, and like it."

"Being a President is like riding a tiger. A man has to keep on riding or be swallowed. The fantastically crowded months of 1945 taught me that a President either is constantly on top of events, or, if he hesitates, events will soon be on top of him. I never felt that I could let up for a moment."

"You know, right here is where I've always wanted to be, and the only place I've ever wanted to be. The Senate--that's just my speed and style."--April, 1945

"Bess and Margaret went to Mo. At 7:30 EDT, 6:30 God's time. I sure hated to see them go. Came back to the great white jail and read the papers, some history, and then wrote this. It is hot and humid and lonely. Why in hell does anybody want to be a head of state? Damned if I know."--Memo to himself, summer, 1945

"The Presidency is an all day and nearly an all night job. Just between you and me and the gatepost, I like it."--To an audience of Masons, October, 1945

"All the President is, is a glorified public relations man who spends his time flattering, kissing, and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway."--A letter to his sister, 1947

"Slanders, lies, character assassination--these things are a threat to every single citizen everywhere in this country. When even one American--who has done nothing wrong--is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth--then all Americans are in peril. It is the job of all of us--of every American who loves his country and his freedom--to rise up and put a stop to this terrible business."--Speech to American Legion, 1951

"I fired MacArthur because he wouldn't respect the authority of the President. I didn't fire him because he was a dumb son of a bitch, although he was, but that's not against the law for generals. If it was, half to three-quarters of them would be in jail."--1961

"There is an epitaph in Boot Hill Cemetery in Arizona which reads: 'Here lies Jack Williams. He done his damnedest! What more can a person do?' Well, that's all I could do. I did my damnedest, and that's all there is to it."--1964

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