President Richard M. Nixon: Quotes about Nixon

Some quotes and quotations about President of the United States Richard M. Nixon.

Quote about Him:

"Nixonland is a land of slander and scare, of lay innuendo, of a poison pen and the anonymous telephone call, and hustling, pushing, and shoving-the land of smash and grab and anything to win."-Adlai E. Stevenson, 1952

"Dick was always reserved. He was the studious one of the bunch, always doing more reading while the rest of us were out having more fun."-Donald Nixon

"Nixon went into politics the way other young men home from the war went into construction, or merchandising, or whatever-for lack of anything better to do....The fact is that as a candidate for office, Nixon has consistently been a thoroughly 2nd-rate politician, because he was made, not born."-Stewart Alsop

"The man who uncovered Alger Hiss is in California to do the same housecleaning here. Help Richard Nixon get rid of the Jew-Communists."-Gerald L. K. Smith, February 27, 1950

"I'd love to see Ike's face when he finds out that Tricky Dick, his partner in the fight against Democratic corruption, has been on the take for the last 2 years....This should blow that moralizing, unscrupulous, double-dealing son-of-a-bitch right out of the water."

-New York Post editor James Wechsler, September 18, 1952

"There is built into Nixon an automatic response mechanism triggered by opposition. Offer him the element of competition, tempt him with a fight, hint that someone might want to deprive him of some prize, and a tiger emerges from the camouflage he normally shows the world."-Leonard Lurie

"Let's show them, Daddy-let's run!"-Tricia Nixon, 1967

"People seldom dictate to Richard."-Hannah Nixon

"He is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation."-Adlai E. Stevenson

"Nixon is a shifty-eyed goddamn liar, and people know it. He's one of the few in the history of this country to run for high office talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and lying out of both sides."-Harry S Truman, 1961

"I once read that Lincoln had worse critics. He was big enough not to let it bother him. That's the way my husband is."-Pat Nixon

"He's probably the most informed President there's ever been. I really can't understand how people can call him isolated. He's aware of everything that's going on."-John Mitchell

"While he is likely to maintain a serious, almost brooding countenance in the company of 3 or 4 persons, he lights up like a Christmas tree when confronted with a crowd. He genuinely likes people."-William Rogers

"There are very few of the human juices in Nixon. You like him. You admire him. But not because you feel that he loves you....I mean, I always knew that in a showdown, if my friendship with Nixon were embarrassing to him, that he'd just let me go."-Ralph de Toledano

"I think basically he is shy, and like a lot of shy people he appears not to be warm."-Rose Mary Woods

"One has the uneasy feeling that he is always on the verge of pronouncing himself the victim of some clandestine plot."-Arthur Schlesinger, 1968

"Let me say with absolute candor that I think he is the most civil man I ever worked for. He really does have some sense of your own feelings."-Daniel P. Moynihan

"The President is the Government."-John Ehrlichman

"There were days when the entire White House seemed to be in the grip of a morbid obsession, not unlike the mood aboard the Pequod when Ahab was at the helm."-Dan Rather

"He has never cared about money in his whole life....In that innocent mind of his, he left his tax work for others to do because he was working on world problems."-Bebe Rebozo

"The great division in retrospective appraisal of Nixon will be between those who regard this as the most inept of presidential performances, and those who will regard it as the most vicious."-Richard E. Neustadt

"That man is not fit to be President."-Henry Kissinger, 1968

"Dick's a team man."-Gerald Ford

"I don't think the son-of-a-bitch knows the difference between telling the truth and lying."-Harry S Truman

"He has no taste."-John Kennedy

"I just knew in my heart that it was not right for Dick Nixon to ever be President of this country."-Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964

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