President Richard M. Nixon: Quotes from Friends and Family about Nixon

Some quotes and quotations from friends and family about President of the United States Richard M. Nixon.


"No, he has always been exactly the same. I never knew a person to change so little.... As you know, most boys go through a mischievous period. Well, none of these things happened to Richard. He was thoughtful and serious."-Hannah Nixon

"Dick always planned things out. He didn't do things accidentally....Once, when he had just about as much of me as he could take, he cut loose and kept at it for a half to 3/4 of an hour. He went back a year or 2, listing things I had done. He didn't leave out a thing. I was only 8, and he was 10, but I've had a lot of respect ever since for the way he can keep things in his mind."-Donald Nixon

"Each morning, he would take great pains in brushing his teeth, was careful to gargle, and asked me to smell his breath to make sure he would not offend anyone on the school bus."-Hannah Nixon

"Mother, I want to be an old-fashioned lawyer-an honest lawyer who can't be bought by crooks."-Richard Nixon, age 12

"He was so good it kind of disturbed me. He had this ability to kind of slide around an argument, instead of meeting it head on, and he could take any side of a debate."-Mrs. Norma Vincent, his high school debate coach

"Dick was a marvelous actor-quick, perceptive, responsive, industrious....I honestly believe that if he had made the stage his career instead of studying law, he would have developed into a top-notch leading man."-Ola-Florence Welch, Nixon's college sweetheart

"I taught him how to cry, in a play by John Drinkwater called Bird in Hand. He tried conscientiously at rehearsals, and he'd get a pretty good lump in his throat and that was all. But on the evenings of the performance tears just ran right out of his eyes. It was beautifully done, those tears."-Dr. Albert Upton, his Whittier College drama coach

"Dick had 2 left feet. He couldn't coordinate. But boy, was he an inspiration. That's why the coach let him hang around, I guess. He was one of those inspirational guys."-A member of the Whittier College football team

"I would put him down as the man least likely to succeed in politics."-A Whittier College classmate

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