President Richard M. Nixon: Quotes from Nixon

Some quotes and quotations from President of the United States Richard M. Nixon.

Quotes from Nixon:

"You don't win campaigns with a diet of dishwater and milk toast."

"I believe in the battle, whether it's the battle of the campaign or the battle of this office, which is a continuing battle. It's always there wherever I go. I, perhaps, carry it more than others because that's my way."

"Anybody in politics must have a great competitive instinct. He must want to win. He must not like to lose, but above anything else, he must have the ability to come back, to keep fighting more and more strongly when it seems that the odds are greatest. That's the world of sports. That's the world of politics. I guess you could say that's life itself."

"The word politics causes some people lots of trouble. Let us be very clear-politics is not a dirty word."

"People go through that psychological bit nowadays. They think they should always be reevaluating themselves. I fight the battles as they come along. That sort of juvenile self-analysis is something I've never done."

"Those who have known great crisis...can never become adjusted to a more leisurely and orderly pace. They have drunk too deeply of the stuff which really makes life exciting and worth living to be satisfied with the froth."

"I won my share of scholarships, and of speaking and debating prizes in school, but not because I was smarter but because I worked longer and harder than some of my more gifted colleagues."

"Frankly, most people are mentally and physically lazy. They believe you can get places by luck alone. They fail to do the hard grinding work required to get all the facts before reaching a decision."

"Your mind must always go, even while you're shaking hands and going through all the maneuvers. I developed the ability long ago to do one thing while thinking about another."

"Once you're in the stream of history you can't get out."

"There is one thing solid and fundamental in politics: the law of change. What's up today is down tomorrow."

"It doesn't come natural to me to be a buddy-buddy boy....I can't really let my hair down with anyone. No, not really with anyone, not even with my own family."

"I'm introvert in an extrovert profession."

"If ever the time comes when the Republican party and the others are looking for an outwardly warm, easygoing gregarious type, then they will not want the sort of man I am."

"I would have made a good pope."

"There is nothing more wearing than to suppress the natural impulse to meet a crisis head on, using every possible resource to achieve victory."

"You know very well that whether you are on page one or page 30 depends on whether they fear you. It is just as simple as that."

"One vote is worth a hundred obscene slogans."

"You've got to have something where it doesn't appear that I am doing this in, you know, just in a-saying to hell with the Congress and to hell with the people, we are not going to tell you anything because of executive privilege. That they don't understand. But if you say, 'No, we are willing to cooperate,' and you've made a complete statement, but make it very incomplete. See, that is what I mean."

"I never in my life wanted to be left behind."

"If the dry rot of corruption and communism, which has eaten deep into our body politic during the past 7 years, can only be chopped out with a hatchet-then let's call for a hatchet."-1952

"Ninety-six percent of 6,926 communists, fellow travelers, sex perverts, people with criminal records, dope addicts, drunks and other security risks removed under the Eisenhower security program were hired by the Truman Administration."-1954

"I have never had much sympathy for the point of view 'It isn't whether you win or lose that counts, but how you play the game.' How you play the game does count. But one must put top consideration on the will, the desire, and the determination to win."-1960

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