President Richard M. Nixon: Reelection and Second Term

About the reelection and second term for President of the United States Richard M. Nixon.

November 7, 1972....

The American people voted overwhelmingly for "4 More Years" of the Nixon-Agnew leadership. Nixon's 60.7% of the popular vote was the highest percentage ever bestowed on a Republican candidate. Only 3 men in presidential history had won landslides of comparable proportions-Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Warren G. Harding. McGovern managed to carry Massachusetts and the District of Columbia for a total of 17 electoral votes. Nixon won the rest of the Union, for an electoral tally of 521.

January 20, 1973...

Nixon was sworn in for a 2nd term by Chief Justice Warren Burger. In his inaugural address, he once more echoed his old rival Kennedy: "Let each of us ask, not just what will Government do for me--but what can I do for myself." Nixon included one particularly inspiring note in his speech: "Let us again learn to debate our differences with civility and decency, and let each of us reach out for that precious quality Government cannot provide--a new level of respect for the rights of one another."

In the most expensive and elaborate inaugural festivities on record--a series of parades, concerts, balls, and receptions costing $4 million--the President's supporters celebrated "4 More Years" of the Nixon-Agnew team.

Ultimately, they got only 10 more months of Agnew--and 20 more months of Nixon.

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