Psychic Ann Jensen

About the psychic Ann Jensen, some of her predictions about the future right and wrong including space travel and natural disasters.

Predictor: ANN JENSEN

A prominent seer in Dallas, Tex., who has made her forecasts while using a crystal ball or while hypnotized and in a trance.

Past Predictions: Wrong--No record.

Right--In 1970, she predicted for the years immediately ahead: "It will be a very trying time in the White House. It will need a steady hand and a steadier brain. This will come some time before 1976." The trying time in the White House came in 1973-1974. Jensen was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--No world wars.

--The assassination in the U.S. of an important, beloved figure, but not the President.

--By 1976, the U.S. stock market will fall to a point close to the low reached during the 1929 Wall Street crash.

--In 1975 science will produce compounds for treatment of those "who have ruined their minds with drugs."

--All fighting will cease in Vietnam by 1980.

For 1981-1990--Again, no world wars.

--No catastrophic natural disasters anywhere. California will not suffer a major earthquake and fall into the ocean.

--There will be greater cooperation between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. There will be a worldwide move to make "rules for peace."

--Mount Pelee "will act up," but not seriously. For 1991-2000--"I see a woman at the head of a world government." The world government will be set up on an island, although its headquarters will shift from one country to another.

--Man-made islands will be built in space. "Our grandchildren will land there."

--A planet will be found "that is very beautiful." This planet will have "trees, water, vegetation, strange fruits, and vegetables. There will be a form of life--animal life."

--There will be "calamities" during man's further exploration of space.

--Again, on earth, no major wars, but there will be uprisings in the Far East.

--Also, in the Far East, there will be terrible epidemics, involving cholera and malaria, with countless people dying in the streets. Nations with good sanitation standards will be safe.

--There will be discoveries of life-giving plants. Longevity of human beings will be extended. There will be a means of a "visionary communication without mechanisms."

--In some parts of the world there may be a return to the barter system for commodity exchange.

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