Psychic Baron de Novaye

About the psychic Baron de Novaye, some of his predictions in history both right and wrong


Occultist of the late 19th century, who recorded prophecies of others as well.

Past Predictions:--The period 1928-1938 to be a disastrous one of wars and massacres. De Novaye was wrong.

--The period 1942-1954 to be peaceful years. De Novaye was wrong.

--1900-1912 to be a socialistic-revolutionary period. De Novaye was right.

--1914-1924 to be an imperial patriotic period including a Great War. De Novaye was right.

--1956-1969 to be another socialist-revolutionary period. De Novaye was right.

Future Predictions:

--1973-1983 to be another imperial-patriotic period filled with small wars.

--1985-1998 to be a period of great war, violence, then restoration.

--2004-2016 to usher in a peaceful period for all nations.

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