Psychic Coinnaach Odhar : Kenneth The Brahan Seer

About the Scottish psychic Coinneach Odhar or the Brahan Seer, and a number of his predictions from the past about the future.

Predictor: COINNEACH (KENNETH) ODHAR (The Brahan Seer)

Scottish seer of the time of Charles II (1630-1685)--noted for "2nd sight" by staring into round blue stone with hole in center. Countess of Seaforth put him to death, thrusting his head into barrel of boiling tar, for predicting infidelity of her husband. Most famous prophecy: "Doom of the Seaforths."

Past Predictions:--"Doom of the Seaforths": Saw "far into the future" when last of line would be "both deaf and dumb." (The last, Francis Humbertson Mackenzie, became deaf after attack of scarlet fever; later, also dumb.)

"He himself shall sink into the grave, and the remnant of his possessions shall be inherited by a white-hooded lassie from the East." (Lord Seaforth's eldest daughter, Lady Hood, returned from the East to bury her father, white-coiffed in the mourning fashion of the time.)

"As a sign by which it may be known that these things are coming to pass, there shall be 4 great lairds in the days of the last deaf and dumb Seaforth--Gairloch, Chisholm, Grant, and Ramsey, of whom one shall be buck-toothed, another harleipped, another half-witted, and the 4th a stammere." (Of the 4 Scottish lairds who were his neighbors, Sir Hector Mackenzie of Gairlock was bucktoothed, Chisholm of Chisholm was harelipped, Grant of Grant was half-witted, and MacLeod of Ramsey stammered.)

Future Predictions:

--Warns of the doom of the entire country of Scotland when "a dun hornless cow will appear in Minich and will make a bellow which will knock the 6 chimneys off Gairloch House."

The "cow" interpreted as a submarine; the "bellow" as a powerful detonation, perhaps from a fleet of submarines based in Holy Loch nearby.

--Then, "the whole country will become so utterly desolate and depopulated that the crow of a cock shall not be heard."

--"... after which deer and other wild animals shall be exterminated by horrid black rain." "Horrid black rain" in reference to radiation fallout. In Coinneach's day, Gairloch House was wattled, thatched with turf, having no chimneys. Today it does indeed have 6 chimneys.

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