Psychic Count Louis Hamon or Cheiro

About the psychic Count Louis Hamon or Cheiro and some of his prediction right and wrong about the future.

Predictor: COUNT LOUIS HAMON (Cheiro)

1866-1936. Brilliant and charming bon vivant whose consultations were sought by the wealthy and famous.

Past Predictions:--A year or 2 before each occurred, he foretold: the Boer War, death of Queen Victoria, assassination of King Umberto of Italy, and the day, month, and year of the death of King Edward VII.

--W.W. I. to break out in midsummer, 1914, and end in November 1918.

--Downfall of the Czar, and massacre of him and all his immediate family.

--Of the then Prince of Wales, later to be Edward VIII: "It is within the bounds of possibility... that he will in the end fall victim to a devastating love affair. If he does, I predict that the Prince will give up everything, even the chance of being crowned, rather than lose the object of his affection." Edward VIII did indeed give up his throne "for the woman I love," Wallis Simpson, and became the Duke of Windsor.

--For the years 1926-1930, he predicted that adverse conditions would strike almost every country and that unemployment would rise to the highest known level. Although failing to give the exact year, he foresaw the stock market crash of 1929 that heralded the Great Depression.

--India would gain her freedom, but "religious warfare will rend that country from end to end, until it becomes equally divided between Mohammedans and the followers of Buddha." India received her independence in 1947, and divided itself into Hindu India and Moslem Pakistan.

--Spain would have a dictator. Franco became dictator of Spain.

--Palestine would be returned to the Jews and be called Israel. In 1948, Israel proclaimed her independence.

Future Predictions:

--"Communism will spread like an infective fever through all the countries."

--"Russia will become the most dreaded power in the history of modern civilization."

--A dictator for France and "a new form of government for the time being will save France."

--"The U.S. is predestined to have dominion of the air" (control of outer space).

--China and Japan to unite and "will control that part of the globe."

--Armageddon to start in the area of Palestine (Israel).

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