Psychic Criswell

About the famous psychic Criswell and a number of his predictions some right, many wrong and a bit crazy, but still entertaining.

Predictor: CRISWELL

Criswell is a former teacher and mortician, now a newspaper man and newscaster, who says that his predictions are 86% accurate and claims to know the future through the year 1999.

Past Predictions: Wrong--All the following predictions were made in 1968:

--He foresaw a renewal of the Korean War by June, 1969. Criswell was wrong.

--He said that in October, 1969, a movie actor would be arrested for white slavery. The actor, Criswell predicted, would have kept 30 runaway girls in the basement of his Beverly Hills home. Criswell was wrong.

--He predicted that a woman would assassinate Castro on August 9, 1970. Criswell was wrong.

--By the early 1970s, Criswell predicted, "perversion" would become rampant in the U.S. By 1973, according to his prediction, completely homosexual cities would exist cheek-by-jowl with several major American metropolises, and the Supreme Court would uphold the right of these cities to exist. Criswell was wrong.

--He predicted that new islands would rise in the Pacific after the eruption of an underwater volcano in 1971. Criswell was wrong.

--He also predicted that by 1971 a male birth-control pill that would make a man sterile for 30 days would be put on the market. Criswell was wrong.

--In the spring of 1971, Criswell foresaw, Mao Tse-tung would die, and a Chinese Civil War would follow, after which China would be broken up into a group of small nations ruled by the military. Criswell was wrong.

--He foresaw a new head man for Russia by 1973; this leader would bring great changes, eventually leading Russia into the free enterprise system. Criswell was wrong.

--By 1973, Criswell predicted, blacks would take over Mississippi, under the leadership of a man named Sanders, and turn it into a model black State. Criswell was wrong.

--In the winter of 1974, Criswell said, 5,000 people in New Hampshire would die as the result of ice storms. Criswell was wrong.

Right--On March 10, 1963, on television, he predicted that President Kennedy would not run for reelection in 1964 because of something that would happen to him in the preceding November. Kennedy was shot and killed in November, 1963. Criswell was right.

--On December 31, 1965, he predicted, again on television, that Ronald Reagan would be the next governor of California. Criswell was right.

--On January 1, 1967, in his newspaper column, he predicted a one-week war in the Mid-East with Egypt and Russia against Israel. The Arab-Israeli 6-Day War broke out on June 5,1967. Criswell was right.

--In the same column, he predicted the death of a blond sex symbol. Jayne Mansfield died that year. Criswell was right.

--On January 1, 1968, Criswell said that a black civil rights leader would be assassinated before October of that year. Martin Luther King, Jr., was shot on April 4, 1968. Criswell was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--A woman physicist in Nebraska will discover antimagnetic forces that will make space travel without jet propulsion possible. This will happen in the late 1970s.

--From 1975 to 1978, the devil will rule the earth.

--In 1976, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. will join a Common Market.

--Also in that year, tidal waves and earthquakes will devastate Hawaii.

--In March of 1976, the Government of the U.S. will give almost all of New Mexico back to the Indians.

--In 1977, the dairy industry in Wisconsin will end as a new disease kills all the cattle there.

--The year 1977 will be one of disaster. No rain will fall for 10 months. Tides will end. Ships will run aground. A "black death" will wipe out thousands of people. The availability of water from snow and ice will cause migrations of desperate people to the North and South Poles. After this drought, torrential rain will come, followed by floods. A woman in Pratt, Kans., will save the lives of 500 people and become a national heroine. The next 3 years will be peaceful as nations apply their energies to rebuilding.

--On August 27, 1977, Lago Maggiore in Switzerland will begin to boil as a volcano rises in its center.

--In 1978, Connecticut will lead a revolt against a Federal sales tax of 5% on food and rent.

--By 1979, mind control, using rays, will be applied to criminals.

--In 1978, Lake Michigan will be drained for land use.

--By 1980, do-it-yourself face lifts will be on the market.

--By the year 1980, New York City will be under water.

--From November 28 to December, 1980, Pennsylvanians will be afflicted by an outbreak of cannibalism caused by an experiment that goes awry.

--By 1980, all the mentally ill people in the U.S. will be sent to an Oregon mental hospital complex built by the Federal Government.

For 1981-1900--By 1981, birth-control substances will be in the water system, put there by the Federal Government. In order to conceive, people will have to get a pill from the Government.

--In 1981, Montana will become the penal State. All criminals given prison sentences will be sent there.

--On February 11, 1981, a foreign power will attempt to bomb the U.S. with atomic weapons. The attempt will fail, but 50 people in Vermont will be killed.

--By 1982, the practice of medicine will operate through automation to such a degree that an individual will be able to go through medical school in 6 months. All drug research will be under Federal control. Preventive medicine will dominate.

--In 1982, a dying planet named Bullanon will come so close to earth that it will affect earth's gravity, shifting the poles. This will cause the rising of a lost continent which will bridge West Africa and Southeast South America, and trigger earthquakes, the destruction of cities, eruption of volcanoes, storms, and tidal waves. it will also cause a 40-day snowstorm with ice, resulting in a "white death."

--Between February 11 and May 11, 1983, all the women in St. Louis will lose their hair. It will grow back only after a period of panic which will produce divorces, murder, lawsuits, suicides, and massacres, mainly of hairdressers.

--By 1983, all divorces will come under Federal law and be handled in Reno, Nev.

--In 1985, a Caucasian woman, called the Lady of Light, will become leader, 1st of the Orient, then of the world. Under her leadership, men will become slaves and women will hold the power. War will end; the world will become a near-paradise. Her end will come after she is raped in Africa, then dies in childbirth.

--In 1985, polygamy will become legal in North Dakota.

--Also in that year, Texas will split into 3 States.

--From May 11, 1988, to March 30, 1989, the Aphrodisiacal Era will flourish. Clouds of aphrofragrance will float over the U.S. An aphrodisiac will also be put in water and heating systems. Sexual craziness will overcome the populace. Sex will be performed in the streets of Hollywood, and Florida will become a huge nudist camp. The Secretary of State will be caught in acts of perversion. The invention of an antidote will end the era.

--The year 1988 will see records of visits to earth by beings from other planets.

--On October 18, 1988, a meteor will hit London, almost destroying the city.

--On June 9, 1989, Denver will be wiped out by a "pressure" from outer space, which will turn solids to a jellylike mass.

--In the 1980s, Mexico City will sink into the lake bed upon which it is built. All its people will be evacuated.

--In the 1980s, all reading material will be printed on plastic.

--In the 1980s, all disease will be virtually eradicated by an artificially induced fever.

--In the 1980s, all pollution problems will be solved.

--During the decade, the seat of the Government of the U.S. will be switched to caverns under Wichita, Kans., and the surrounding area.

--On March 10, in the Convention Center on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nev., the 1st Interplanetary Convention will be held. The participants will come from Mars, Venus, Neptune, and the moon, as well as the U.S.

For 1991-2000--In the 1990s, man's thoughts and morals will be controlled from without.

--Space flight to Venus, Mars, and Neptune will be a reality.

--Buses will be driven by atomic power.

--There will be no spectator sports, no cities, little crime, almost no disease.

--People will buy goods at a mono-market.

--By 1995, nudity will be common, houses will have transparent walls, and power will come from solar energy.

--Also by 1995, most people will take food in concentrated from and be known as "Pill Takers." The "Pill Takers" will be in rivalry with the old-fashioned "Bulk Takers," who still eat food as we know it now.

--The world will come to an end on August 18, 1999. A black rainbow (a magnetic disturbance in the atmosphere caused by gravitational pulls in the universe) will draw the oxygen from the earth. Earth will leave its orbit and race to the sun. The only earth people left will be colonists on 200 space stations.

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