Psychic David Bubar

About psychic David Bubar and a number of his predictions both right and wrong including ones about technology, thought, elections and the future of love.

Predictor: DAVID BUBAR

A Baptist minister as well as a psychic, David Bubar is the founder of the S.O.S. Foundation, a semireligious organization in Tennessee. He has made many radio and television appearances. In April, 1975, he was one of 10 men indicted for conspiracy in the bombing of a $10 million rubber plant in Shelton, Conn. Bubar had been psychic adviser to a leader of the alleged conspiracy.

Past Predictions: Wrong--In 1970, he predicted that in 1972 there would be 13 or 14 space units involved in headline activities. Some space exploration, he said, would be more adventurous than scientific. In actuality, there were only 2 major space launches in 1972. Bubar was wrong.

Right--On August 11, 1969, he predicted that Everett Dirksen, the Republican senator, would be dead within a month. Dirksen died on September 8 of that year. Bubar was right.

--He predicted that a major hurricane killing hundreds of people would hit the East Coast in the summer of 1969. Hurricane Camille, which hit Mississippi on August 17, killed 258 people. Bubar was partially right.

--Before George Wallace announced his candidacy, Bubar predicted that he would win the 1970 Alabama election for governor. Bubar was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--During the last past of the 1970s, Americans will become involved in a mass physical-fitness program. Social drinking will virtually come to an end.

--At the end of the 1970s, many doctors will join ranks with faith healers.

--There will be mass murders, a kind of genocide, in South America.

--From 1979 to 1982, the U.S. Government will control the mental activities of Americans through a "mind-shaping" program. All people who do not follow the line of thinking advocated by the Government will be brought before "Thought Courts" and be subject to "modified thought," or brainwashing. All people in professions connected with mental health will come under civil service. Individual thought impressions will be filed like fingerprints with the Government.

For 1981-1990--Before 1985, all children will be tested for physical and psychological abilities. Their future lives will be programmed, through a computer, on the basis of the tests.

--Love, as we know it, will cease to exist.

--Intuition and clairvoyance will become more important, invading the private lives of Americans. Psychics will hold important government positions.

--The chemicals and antibiotics consumed by present-day peoples will cause generations of the 1980s to be grotesquely tall. This added height will weaken the personality and body.

--By the middle of the 1980s, Russians and Americans will try to colonize the moon. Rivalry between the 2 groups will result in lunar police actions.

--Space travel will be guided by invisible rays.

--Printing will be done electronically without ink, plates, and other equipment. More parts of newspapers and magazines will be 3-dimensional somewhat like silent movies.

--A new, superior human species will be developed outside the female body.

--People will be able to transform thoughts into images on a televisionlike screen.

--The telephone will be used for thought transmission.

--A "Thought-Action-Deed" machine (TAD) will appear in 1986. Using the machine, scientists will be able to tune into past, present, or future events based on a computer analysis of the pattern of history. In 1996, TADs will be released for mass production. Before that, they will not be used by the public.

For 1991-2000--Privacy of thought will no longer exist.

--By 1996, most of the historical references in the Bible will have been proved true.

--American and Russian scientists will invent a device through which people can become invisible. It will look either like a flashlight or an aerosol can.

--People will be able to make their energy forces leave their bodies during sleep [astral projection] to go to other places to explore or conduct business.

--People will be able to project, from consciousness, images of what they want, and produce those images in reality through a thought process called "Electronic Substance."

--By the year 2000, a new spiritual leader will appear.

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