Psychic Dr. N

About the psychic Dr. N. and some of his predictions about the future of the world and medicine.

Predictor: Dr. N

A prominent physician and psychiatrist, Dr. N does not want his identity revealed when he gives predictions.

Past Predictions: Wrong--Dr. N predicted a Red Chinese bombing attack on San Francisco to take place on December 29, 1970. He later changed the date to 1972. Dr. N was wrong.

--In 1970, he predicted that the U.S. and China would be at war by 1971, by 1972 at the latest. During this war, he said, the West Coast States would be rendered uninhabitable by radioactive fallout from "water blasts," most of the rest of the country would be destroyed, and 190 million Chinese would be killed. Dr. N was wrong.

--Also in 1970, he predicted that, in 1971 or 1972, a Dr. Martin would discover a cure for cancer. Dr. N was wrong.

--At the same time, he predicted that, by 1973, there would be a sharp rise in temperature. Dr. N was wrong.

Right--The morning of the Apollo 13 space launching in April, 1970, he predicted that "It may just get back if they can get the electricity and oxygen to hold out." The trouble he foresaw did occur. Dr. N was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--In 1980, Spain, Africa, and Israel will have far more power than they do now.

--After a war in 1979, cancer research will be of paramount importance.

For 1981-1990--The next President will die in office after serving for 12 years.

--By 1986, one of every 3 children will be deformed in some way by radiation. Because of this, the Government will mount a huge research program in genetics and embryology.

--By 1987, clinics will test people for cancer every 6 months. They will use a cold sore virus to induce a lesion, which will be tested with a serum to see if any cancerous sores are present.

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