Psychic Edgar Cayce

About the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, his biography and some of his predictions about the future right and wrong.

Predictor: EDGAR CAYCE

1877-1945. Edgar Cayce, the "prophets' prophet," was born on a western Kentucky farm. Though he never finished school, he was able to absorb the contents of books just by sleeping on them. He made his living as a professional photographer. Most of his visions and extrasensory experiences occurred while he was hypnotized. Famous for his miraculous medical diagnoses, he ostensibly was responsible for the cures of many people on whom doctors had given up. Before he died, he predicted a catastrophic earthquake, which would cause California to break away from the mainland and sink into the Pacific. He neglected to give a date for this event. In the 1960s, a group of seers got together and came up with April, 1969, as the time the earthquake would occur. When April rolled around, believers in Cayce's prediction--and there were many--fled the State in fear. Though the earthquake didn't happen, many people still believe it will occur, but at a later date.

Past Predictions:--In 1943, he predicted that in the 25 years following, China would become more democratic and would have more Christian leaders. Cayce was wrong.

--On June 28, 1940, he predicted the Poseidia (Atlantis) would rise again, sometime in 1968 or 1969, around the Bahamas, southwest of Bimini. Cayce was wrong.

--Also in 1940, he predicted that shortly thereafter shifting of the poles would cause temperatures to rise in frigid and semitropical zones. Cayce was wrong. (However, the waters of the Atlantic are warming up because of the decrease in the thickness of the polar ice cap.)

--Seven months before it happened, he predicted the collapse of the stock market which was instrumental in causing the 1929 Depression. Cayce was right.

--He foresaw W.W. II as a world catastrophe which would kill millions. Cayce was right.

--He said that Roosevelt would die before the end of the war. Cayce was right.

--Fifteen years before it happened, he predicted that the Jews would proclaim the State of Israel. Cayce was right.

--In 1932, he predicted earth changes that would produce disasters like the Alaska earthquake of 1964, the eruptions of Mount Etna in 1960 and 1971, the 1968 and 1970 floods in India, the 1968 earthquake in Iran that killed over 11,000 people, and the 1970 earthquake in Peru that killed over 66,000 people. Though he did not pinpoint places and dates, Cayce was generally right.

--In 1932, Cayce predicted that Norfolk, Va., would be the chief port on the East Coast of the U.S. In 1957, this came true. Cayce was right.

--He foresaw that a vast new temple containing records from antiquity would be discovered in Egypt in 1964. Cayce was right.

Future Predictions:

--Europe will disappear "in the twinkling of an eye."

--Cayce will return to earth as world liberator in 1998, then will again be reborn in 2100.

--In 1998, New York City will be destroyed.

--The poles will shift, starting in 1998.

--Alabama will be partially under water.

--Peace will come to the world in 1998.


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