Psychic Ethel Johnson Meyers

About the psychic Ethel Johnson Meyers, a mini-biography and some of her predictions right and wrong about the future.


A trained singer who performed in vaudeville, Ethel Meyers did not discover her psychic abilities until late in life. She was contemplating suicide after the death of her husband when he materialized before her and talked her out of it. Her talents are many: She helps people find missing objects, gives readings, and is both a trance medium and clairvoyant. The Edgar Cayce Foundation and the American Society for Psychic Research have tested her for mediumship.

Past Predictions: Wrong--In 1970, she predicted free travel from Iron Curtain countries to other parts of Europe and to the U.S. Meyers was wrong.

--Also in 1970, she predicted that Mao Tse-tung would be dead within 3 years. Meyers was wrong.

Right--In 1970, she predicted an open war in the Middle East by the end of the decade. The Yom Kippur War broke out in 1973. Meyers was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--The Russians will "level off," making a kind of peace with the U.S. in a common stand against Red China.

--In the late 1970s or early 1980s, the Red Chinese will use atomic bombs on the U.S. The bombs will do damage, but major cities will be protected by sophisticated detection devices.

No Dates Given--Under a new powerful President, entirely new methods of bringing together ideas on how to run the country will be in operation.

--Pollution will come to an end.

--Many earthquakes and famines will plague the earth.

--Small wars will keep the population in check.

--People will use food and herbs, rather than drugs, for healing.

--There will be no sinkings of major cities.

--The U.S. and Russia will not engage in an atomic war.

--Sometime around 2000 or 2500, the earth will turn and "go to the opposite pole," causing great changes in climate. Melting snow and ice will cause great floods.

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