Psychic Helena P. Blavatsky

About psychic Helena P. Blavatsky and some of her predictions about the future of the world.


Russian seer, 1831-1891, whose prophetic powers she attributed to her learning from the "Mahatmas of India, Masters of Wisdom."

Past Predictions:--"Between this time [1886] and 1897 there will be a large rent made in the veil of nature..." Taking this to mean new scientific discoveries, such as the discovery of the X ray in 1895 making possible further work with the atom, it was correct.

Future Predictions:

--"We are at the close of the cycle of 5,000 years of the present Aryan Kaliyuga or dark age. This will be succeeded by an age of light."

--A new messenger of the sprint to be sent to the Western nations. He is to appear by 1975.

--Regarding the U.S., "... even now under our very eyes, the new Race or Races are preparing to be formed, and that is in America that the transformation will take place, and has already silently commenced." This race, if that is the proper word, will be altered in mentality and physique, and move toward a more perfect spiritual existence.

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