Psychic Joseph Delouise

About psychic Joseph Delouise and a number of his predictions both right and wrong about the future including ones about Sharon Tate, global politics, riots, space travel and the Queen.


A hairdresser who never finished the 8th grade, DeLouise has made predictions, particularly those concerning disasters, over radio and television and in the newspapers. He uses a crystal ball to focus his energy.

Past Predictions: Wrong--No record.

Right--On November 25, 1967, he predicted the collapse of a bridge. On December 16, 1967, the Silver Bridge across the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, W. Va., collapsed. Forty-six people were killed. DeLouise was right.

--On January 8, 1968, he predicted that in the near future there would be no major riots but there would be an insurrection. On April 7, 1968, Governor Samuel H. Shapiro of Illinois called a civil disturbance in Chicago an "insurrection." Five thousand Federal troops were flown in. DeLouise was right.

--On January 8, 1969, he predicted that Ho Chi Minh would soon die. Ho Chi Minh died in 1969. DeLouise was right.

--In 1968, he predicted that the U.S. and Russia would suffer disasters in space exploration. On June 30, 1971, 3 Russian cosmonauts died during their return to earth during a 23-day space flight. American astronauts had trouble on the Apollo 13 space flight; no one died, however. DeLouise was right--more or less.

--On December 14, 1968, he predicted a wreck involving 2 trains on the Illinois Central tracks in the Midwest. A little over a month later, 2 trains crashed near Manteno, 45 mi. south of Chicago, on the Illinois Central tracks. DeLouise was right.

--On December 15, 1968, he predicted a tragedy involving water around the Kennedys. Later he "saw" a woman drowning. On July 13, 1969, Mary Jo Kopechne was killed at Chappaquiddick. Senator Edward Kennedy was involved. DeLouise was right.

--On May 21, 1969, he predicted a jet plane crash near Indianapolis. He said that the number 330 would be important, but wasn't sure how, and that 79 persons would be killed. On September 10, 1969, at 3:30 P.M., an Allegheny Airlines DC-9 collided with a private plane near Indianapolis. The crew of 4 and 79 passengers were killed. DeLouise was right about everything but the number of deaths.

--In mid-August, 1969, he predicted that the police would make great strides in solving the Sharon Tate murders on September 14-15. DeLouise was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--By 1980, an economic panic will take place in which thousands of people will lose businesses and homes.

No Dates Given--The Caribbean will be a hotbed of revolution. During the unrest, pirates will capture a large ship.

--After a revolution, Japan will merge with China.

--Detroit will be the capital of a smaller nation, which will be a police state.

--Human beings will win the battle against air pollution.

--Marriage will become a business arrangement.

--Artificial insemination will be common.

--Queen Elizabeth will be the last monarch of England. That country will no longer be able to support a government figure with no real function.

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