Psychic Malachy O'Morgain

About the predictions of psychic / prophet Malachy O'Morgain who has predicted every Roman Catholic Pope from 1143 onward.


1094-1148. Considered Ireland's greatest prophet. Archbishop of Armagh, Bishop of Down, and Papal Legate to Ireland. Later canonized. The famous "Malachy Papal Prophecies" attributed to him.

Past Predictions: Forecast of each Pope from 1143 up to and beyond our times. Examples: De Ruro Albo: Adrian IV (1153-1159), an Englishman born ac St. Albans.

Signum Ostiense: Alexander IV (1254-1261), Cardinal of Ostia.

Aquila Rapax: "Rapacious Eagle" was Pius VII (1800-1823), victim of Napoleon rather than rapacious himself.

De Balneis Etruria: Gregory XVI (1831-1846) before his election served at Balnea in Etruria.

Religio Depopulatea: "Christianity laid waste" applied to Benedict XV (1914-1922) during W. W. I's havoc.

Pastor Angelicus: Pius XII (1939-1958), an avid follower of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor.

Pastor et Nauta: John XXIII (1958-1963) as "shepherd and navigator" of the Ecumenical Council.

Flos Florum: Paul VI (1963- ), whose coat of arms is flos florum, a floral design.

Future Predictions:

Only 4 more Popes may be expected, and then there will be none. The last 4:

De Medietate Lunae: "From the half-moon"-perhaps from the Middle East. Signaled by persecutions of the Church. Will fall victim to his enemies.

De Labore Solis: "From the toil of the sun"-as Gregory XVIII, he will be a lull in the midst of persecution.

Gloria Olivae: "Glory of the olive"-as Leo XIV, he will unite humanity under Christianity in one last brilliant explosion.

Petrus Romanus: "Peter of Rome"-last of the Popes of Rome. He will preside over the destruction of Rome and the End of the Age.

-If each Pope's reign averages 10 years, the last would end in 2013.

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