Psychic Olof Jonsson

About the Swedish psychic Olof Jonsson and some of his predictions both right and wrong about the future, elections, and deaths.


A Swedish psychic known for his amazing extrasensory abilities, Olof Jonsson has solved murders and communicated through ESP with Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell while Mitchell was on his way to the moon.

Past Predictions: Wrong--In 1970, Jonsson predicted a terrible catastrophe in southern Europe that would take many lives. This would occur, he said, in 1971 or 1972. There was no catastrophe of that magnitude. Jonsson was wrong.

--Also in 1970, he predicted that China would become far more active in the Asian War in 1971-1972 causing bad feelings toward China in the U.S. and Soviet Union. Actually, relations between China and the U.S. improved in 1972. Jonsson was wrong.

--At the same time, he predicted Communist-inspired riots would take place in West Germany, with Berlin as the focal point. Jonsson was wrong.

--He predicted that Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones would get a divorce in 1971. Jonsson was wrong.

--He predicted that Muskie, rather than Nixon, would win the 1972 election for President. Jonsson was wrong.

Right--He predicted a new war in the Middle East, with the Arab States uniting against Israel, sometime in late 1971 or in 1972. This war would be, he said, more serious than the 1967 6-Day War and Russia would demand that the U.S. withdraw support from Israel or risk a serious confrontation. All of this happened, including the threat, in 1973. Jonsson was right--except for his timing.

--For 1971, he predicted a major government scandal involving high-level officials, who would be exposed for mismanagement and personal appropriation of government funds. The Water-gate scandal did not occur until the election year of 1972. Jonsson was right--except for his timing.

--In January, 1970, he predicted that Nasser would die. Nasser did die, on September 28, 1970. Jonsson was right.

--In January, 1970, he predicted a fire in Chicago by the end of the month. In January, a fire in the Chicago Hilton killed 2 people. Jonsson was right.

--In 1970, he predicted that De Gaulle would die within a year. De Gaulle died on November 9, 1970. Jonsson was right.

--In 1970, he predicted that 1972 would be a crisis year in relations between Russia and the U.S. and that an American statesman would, through high-level talks, cause cracks in the Iron Curtain. This would be followed by a period of relative harmony between the governments of the U.S. and Russia. In May, 1972, Nixon visited Russia for a week of talks with Kremlin Leaders which resulted in an important arms pact between the 2 nations. Jonsson was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--By 1980, the internal combustion engine will be outlawed in all major American cities.

For 1981-1990--All major cities will ban private cars. Only medical and law enforcement personnel will be allowed to use cars, and those will be compact and electrically powered.

For 1991-2000--Because of drastic natural changes in the earth, climate will change dramatically in several parts of the world.

--There will be no more automobiles.

--We will no longer be dependent on plants and animals for food and energy. Instead, we will get food and energy directly from the sun.

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