Psychic Phenomenon Psychokinesis or Telekinesis Part 2

About the psychic phenomenon known as psychokinesis or telekinesis, history and scientific study of moving objects with one's mind including psychophotography.


Members of the Veilleux family of Maine also seem to have a talent for psychic photography which is currently under investigation. However, their ability seems more allied with "spirit photography" (alleged photos of and by the spirits of the dead), which may or may not involve the use of PK, than it does with thoughtography, which almost certainly involves PK.

It has been suggested that many of the phenomena observed at s├łances may involve PK instead of spirits. For example, and assuming there is no trickery, a trumpet can be made to float through the air by the-medium's use of PK as well as by spirits lifting the trumpet. Both spiritualist and PK theories have their adherents, but final proof favoring one side or the other is still lacking.

More positive proof has been obtained in connection with "psychic healing," which probably involves the use of PK. In 1961, Dr. Bernard Grad of McGill University had a healer work on a group of mice daily. Each mouse had a small skin wound, and at the end of 14 days the wounds had healed significantly more than those of a control group of mice, wounded at the same time and kept in identical conditions but not given healing sessions.

Sister Justa Smith, then of Rosary Hill College, Buffalo, N.Y., had the same healer direct his power to sealed tubes containing an enzyme. The activity of the enzyme was speeded up as much as it would have been had the tubes been subjected to an electromagnetic force of 13,000 gauss. (The earth's magnetic field is only 0.5 gauss.)

From these and other experiments it is apparent that healers do affect things in some way, so PK may be potentially beneficial. However, it also has potentially terrifying connotations. This is explained well in The World of Ted Serios by Jule Eisenbud. Eisenbud, a psychiatrist, hypothesizes that PK was so natural to primeval man that he could not differentiate between what he had caused to happen and what happened by accident. So if Ug and Og had an argument and Ug was subsequently crushed by a falling boulder, everyone would assume that Og had used PK to cause the boulder to fall. Thus every accident caused guilt feelings, and it became preferable to deny the PK ability completely and blame "the spirit of the boulder." This was the start of pantheism.

A belief in PK as a powerful force could give us the same problems today, creating ever increasing guilt feelings whenever someone we had momentarily "cursed" came to grief. However, PK experiments usually involve small objects. There is no evidence that we can control large leaping boulders, so our enemies are probably safe.

In any event, we do not yet have a final verdict on the existence of PK. Research statistics point to its reality, but the nagging doubts of the skeptics have not yet been completely eliminated.

Humans have long known that their physical environment can have an effect on their minds. It is awe-inspiring to consider that perhaps the mind, unaided by muscle, can have an effect on the environment. It would, however, be only fair.

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