Psychic Predictions: Malcolm Bessent

About psychic Malcolm Bessent and some of his psychic predictions right and wrong involving De Gaulle, Nixon, New York, and a Onassis oil tanker.


He is a young psychic who has trained at the College of Psychic Science in London.

Past Predictions: Wrong--In 1969, he predicted that Nixon would lose to Muskie in the 1972 elections. Muskie did not run as nominee, and Nixon was reelected. Bessent was wrong.

--In June, 1971, he predicted that the Greek military regime would be overthrown from within by the end of 1972. Bessent was wrong.

--He predicted that 1972-1973 would be a hard year for the U.S. It would, he said, begin with floods, which would be followed by social upheaval and political confusion from which a new political structure would arise. Although the U.S. had its troubles in those years, there were no floods of such proportion and the government structure stayed the same. Bessent was wrong.

Right--In December, 1969, Bessent predicted that De Gaulle would die within a year. De Gaulle died on November 10, 1970. Bessent was right.

--In the winter of 1969-1970, he predicted that there would be a change in the British Government the following summer. In June, 1970, Edward Heath became the new Prime Minister. Bessent was right.

--He predicted that Martin Luther King, Jr., would die an untimely death. Bessent was right.

--In 1969, he predicted that an American Indian leader would come into prominence by 1974 and unite the tribes. From this, he said, there might come a land settlement for the Indians. Though no one leader stands out, Indian activism in the early 1970s forced attention on Indian rights and brought about extensive land settlements. Bessent was right--to a degree.

--On December 19, 1969, he predicted that a Greek tanker, probably belonging to Onassis, would be involved in a disaster with international significance within 6 months' time. In February, 1970, an oil tanker owned by Onassis was wrecked off the coast of Nova Scotia. A resulting oil slick contaminated the beaches, bringing about the ire of ecologists everywhere. Bessent was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--In a few years, New York will be uninhabitable. The water level will rise and eventually flood the city out of existence.

--By 1979, the U.S. will have a war with China.

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