Psychic Richard McClintic

About the psychic Richard McClintic, a number of his predicitions about the future right and wrong including war, politics, science, and technology.


He is a middle-aged blue-collar worker who has had extrasensory experiences all his life. At various times, he has seen ghosts, left his body (astral projection), and foreseen the future. He even claims the ability to look through walls. Hans Holzer, a writer and researcher in the field of parapsychology, is the agent through which McClintic relays his predictions of future events. McClintic does not want to take advantage of his psychic ability and wishes to keep a low profile as an amateur medium.

Past Predictions: Wrong--He predicted that men would 1st land on the moon in 1973. It was July 20, 1969, when this momentous event actually occurred. McClintic was wrong.

--In 1968, he predicted that Senator Ted Kennedy would run for President in 1972. McClintic was wrong.

--In 1968, he predicted that an American atomic-powered submarine would be lost in deep waters. At least 110 men would die. McClintic was wrong.

--On October 10, 1968, he predicted that Arabs would make bold statements about wanting to buy material to make atomic bombs within a year. McClintic was wrong.

--On September 20, 1968, he predicted that Mao Tse-tung would die by 1971 and that the Chinese army would rule China. McClintic was wrong.

Right--On August 7, 1968, he predicted that Jacqueline Kennedy would marry again. She married Onassis on October 20, 1968. McClintic was right.

--On the same date, he predicted a train crash in a State with a name beginning with the letter "O." On August 14, a Penn Central train containing 150 mm howitzer shells and fuses derailed near Urbana, O., forcing the evacuation of 3,500 people. McClintic was right.

--Early in August, 1968, he made a number of predictions about the coming elections: that Humphrey would win the Democratic nomination; that there would be trouble at the Chicago Convention, including a walkout; and that Nixon would win the election. McClintic was right.

--In 1968, he predicted more student protests at colleges, strikes by high school teachers, and strikes by students. McClintic was right.

--In 1968, he predicted that Dubcek of Czechoslovakia would be hounded from his leadership position in that Communist country within 2 years. McClintic was right.

--In 1968, he predicted that Egypt's Nasser would call another Arab council within a few months to get more money from oil-producing countries to use against Israel. McClintic was right.

--On November 11, 1968, he predicted more fighting in Vietnam and invasions of Laos and other South Asian countries. McClintic was right.

--In September, 1968, he predicted bomb scares in stores in some larger cities, including New York. In actuality, there were bomb explosions in some leading New York department stores. McClintic was right.

--In 1968, unlike many psychics, he predicted no atomic war for the next 3 to 4 years. McClintic was right.

--In 1968, he predicted that China and Russia would have no full-scale war but that fights would break out on the Russo-Chinese border. McClintic was right.

--On August 8, 1968, he said, "I don't think General Dwight D. Eisenhower will be alive a year from now." Former President Eisenhower died on March 28, 1969. McClintic was right.

--On January 16, 1969, he predicted that members of Egyptian military would plot against Nasser. McClintic was right.

--On January 18, 1969, he predicted that 1969 would see riots of radical students in Japan. McClintic was right.

--On November 11, 1968, he predicted another earthquake in Iran and Turkey. In March, 1970, 1,086 people lost their lives in an earthquake in Turkey; in April, 1972, another earthquake hit Iran, killing over 5,000 people. McClintic was right.

--He predicted that Barbra Streisand would win a movie Oscar. She did, in 1970. McClintic was right.

--On January 16, 1969, he predicted that Prime Minister Wilson would be forced out of office. In 1970, Conservative Edward Heath became Prime Minister, replacing Wilson. McClintic was right.

Future Predictions: No Dates Given

--A new cure for blood diseases will be discovered.

--An atomic-energy-powered engine will be invented.

--A new laser gun will be able to kill people and destroy huge tanks.

--Scientists will invent a new weapon that will make air or space blow up without shelling. This will work on the same principle as the atomic bomb, but it will work across distances.

--A machine to speed up nature's processes of healing will cure people faster than any present method.

--People will be grown, or at least "started" in gardens like nurseries. This will take place at least 500 years from now.

--New ways of keeping people from aging and of leaving earth will be discovered.

--There will be devices to reverse gravity and to read people's thoughts.

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