Psychic Shawn Robbins

About psychic Shawn Robbins, a mini-biography and some of her predictions right and wrong about the future, war, politics, and health.


She is a young, middle-class woman who has had psychic experiences all her life. Attractive and beautifully dressed, she does not fit the stereotype of a medium as an old crone hunched over a crystal ball. But then, neither do her colleagues.

Past Predictions: Wrong--(All made in 1970)

--In 1970, she predicted that Yugoslavia would make headlines sometime in the coming year. Nothing special happened in 1971 in that country. Robbins was wrong.

--She predicted that a replacement for present birth-control methods would be discovered by Dutch doctors or a foreign-born doctor in the U.S. Robbins was wrong.

--She predicted that in August-September, 1973, researchers would discover a new, safer birth-control substance in liquid form. Robbins was wrong.

--She predicted that bad weather in California in 1973--floods and other disasters--would cause houses to start sinking into the ocean. Robbins was wrong.

--She predicted that in 1973, or the early part of 1974, tremors in the mountains around San Francisco would cause openings in the ground. Robbins was wrong.

--She predicted a flood for New Hampshire in 1973. Robbins was wrong.

Right--She predicted that a country with a name beginning with "I" would suffer terrible earth disasters, such as earthquakes and landslides. She also predicted that a landslide would kill hundreds of people in Turkey and Iran. Both predictions were for 1970. In 1972, an earthquake in Iran took 5,000 lives. Robbins was right--except for her timing.

--In 1970, she predicted that the U.S. would become involved in trouble in the Middle East by 1974. As a result, she said, oil supplies to the U.S. would be cut off. Robbins was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--In 1975-1976, the U.S. and Russia will become bitter enemies over a war in the Middle East involving an Arab country other than Egypt.

--In 1975, "something big," perhaps a flood, will occur in inland California.

--Within this time, an earthquake will cause great damage someplace within 300 mi. of New York City.

--From 1975 on, pollution will be the major health concern.

--In 1975, a doctor with a name like Frazer or Azur with a white crew cut will find a way to perform heart transplants, using cold, without danger of rejection.

--In 1977, cancer will be controlled by "R waves," or "radium waves."

--Between 1977 and 1981, China and the U.S. will be at war. During this war, which China will lose, China will be bombed. Russia will also fight China, but not as an ally of the U.S.

--A new leader in Russia in 1980 will encourage good relations between that country and the U.S.

--Sometime between 1978 and the 1980s, there will be a change in the Government of the U.S. A new legislative branch will be added and merged with those that now exist.

For 1981-1990--The Russian Government will change in 1981.

--On November 12, 22, or 25, 1989, the U.S. will officially declare war. The wife of the President then in office will die during the 2nd year of his term.

--In 1990, China will be a major world power, and a war will begin which involves her.

--By 1990, there will be more talk about life on other planets--plant life or life which is just starting now.

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