Psychic Ursula Sonthiel or Mother Shipton

About the English psychic Ursula Sonthiel or Mother Shipton and some of her predictions or prophecies about the future.


1488-1561. Long, crooked nose, goggling eyes, misshapen body made this English psychic look like the proverbial crone. Inherited powers to raise storms, kill or heal, to comman men and animals, to foresee the future. Cardinal Wolsey threatened to burn her at the stake. "If this burn, so shall I," she retorted, throwing her kerchief into her blazing fireplace. It did not burn. Neither was she sent to the stake.

Past Predictions:

-To Lord Percy: "Show your horse in the quicke, and you shall doe well, but your body will be buried in Yorke pavement and your head shall be stolen from the barre and carried into France." He was beheaded, and his head carried to France.

-Most famous prophecies attributed to her:

Carriages without horses shall go,

And accidents fill the world with woe.


Around the earth thoughts shall fly

In the twinkling of an eye; (Telegraph, telephone)

The world upside down shall be,

And gold be found at the foot of a tree.

(Too general for authentication)

Through hills man shall ride,

And no horse be at his side. (Railroad)

Under water men shall walk,

Shall ride, shall sleep, shall talk. (Submarine)

In the air men shall be seen

In white, in black, in green; (Airplane)

Iron in the water shall float,

As easily as a wooden boat. (Steamship)

Gold shall be found and shown

In a land that's not now known. (South Africa, U.S.)

Fire and waters shall wonders do,

England shall at last admit a foe. (England to be conquered. Unfulfilled as yet)

The World to an end shall come in Eighteen hundred and eighty-one.

(She was wrong)

It has been claimed by some that Charles Hindley, noted English editor of the mid-19th century, was the real author of the poem. Even admitting this, it would have been an admirable feat to predict its many inventions even at that late time. But about the following prediction of Mother Shipton's, there can be no dispute over its authenticity:

Future Predictions:

"Then shall come the Son of Man, having a fierce beast in his arms, which kingdom lies in the Land of the Moon, which is dreadful throughout the whole world; with a number of people shall he pass many waters and shall come to the land of the Lyon (Lion); look for help of the Beast of his country, and an Eagle shall destroy castles of the Thames, and there shall be a battle among many kingdoms ... and therewith shall be crowned the Son of Man, and the 4th year shall be many battles for the faith and the Son of Man, with the Eagles shall be preferred, and there shall be peace over the world, and there shall be plenty of fruit, and then shall he go to the land of the Cross." Interpretation: The "Land of the Moon" indicates an Arab invasion. The Eagle may refer to the U.S. as the standard-bearer of Christianity in a religious war that shall last 4 years. Christianity to be victorious, after conquering the Holy Land ("Land of the Cross").

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