Publication of the King James Bible Part 4 Eyewitness Report

A letter from King James written at the time of the publication of the Kings James Version of the Bible.


EYEWITNESS REPORT: In this letter, dated July 22, 1604, King James wrote to Bishop Bancroft, and asked him to write to all of England's churchmen, requesting that they make paying positions available to the otherwise financially unrewarded translators. In a part of the letter not reprinted here, James also asked that the churchmen be on the lookout for people who were expert in foreign languages, in case their aid might eventually be needed.

"Right trusty and well beloved, we greet you well. Whereas we have appointed certain learned men, to the number of 4 and 50, for the translating of the Bible, and that in this number, divers of them have either no ecclesiastical preferment at all, or else so very small, as the same is far unmeet for men of their deserts, and yet we in ourself in any convenient time cannot well remedy it, therefore we do hereby require you, that presently you write in our name as well to the archbishop of York, as to the rest of the bishops of the province of Cant.[erbury] signifying unto them, that we do will, and straitly charge every one of them . . . that (all excuses set apart) when any prebend or parsonage . . . shall next upon any occasion happen to be void . . . we may commend for the same some such of the learned men, as we shall think fit to be preferred unto it. . . . Given unto our signet at our palace of West.[minister] the 2 and 20th of July, in the 2nd year of our reign of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland xxxvii."

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