Roses are Red but What Does it Mean? Meanings of Flowers

About the meanings, definition, symbolic relationships of various flowers including violets, roses, lilacs and more.

The Language of Flowers or, Say It with Flowers

African violet; white, yellow to purple; "Such worth is rare"

Apple blossom; white; "Preference"

Bachelor's button; blue; "Celibacy"

Bay leaf; green; "I change but in death"

Camelia, Japonica; white; "Reflected loveliness"

Chrysanthemum; red; "I love"

Chrysanthemum; white; "Truth"

Chrysanthemum; other colors; "Slighted love"

Clover (4-leaf); white or red; "Be mine"

Crocus; yellow or blue; "Abuse not"

Daffodil; yellow; "Regard"

Daisy; white; "Innocence"

Forget-me-not; yellow-blue; "True love"

Fuchsia; scarlet; "Fast"

Gardenia; white; "Secret untold love"

Honeysuckle; yellow; "Bonds of love"

Ivy; green; "Friendship, fidelity, marriage"

Jasmine; white; "Amiability, transports of joy, sensuality"

Leaves (dead); all colors; "Melancholy"

Lilac; purple; "First emotions of love"

Lilac; white; "Youthful innocence"

Lily; white; "Purity, sweetness"

Lily of the valley; white; "Return of happiness"

Magnolia; waxy white; "Dignity, perseverance"

Marigold; yellow; "Jealousy"

Mint; green; "Virtue"

Orange blossom; lightly orange; "Your purity equals your loveliness"

Orchid; all colors; "Beauty, magnificence"

Pansy; all colors; "Thoughts"

Peach blossom; bright pink; "I am your captive"

Petunia; all colors; "Your presence soothes me"

Poppy; white; "Sleep"

Rose; any color; "Love"

Rose; deep red; "Bashful shame"

Rose, single; pink; "Simplicity"

Rose, thornless; any color; "Early attachment"

Rose; white; "I am worthy of you"

Rose, withered; white; "Transient impressions"

Rose; yellow; "Decrease of love, jealousy"

Rosebud; white; "Girlhood, and a heart ignorant of love"

Rosemary; gray-green leaves, blue flower; "Remembrance"

Sunflower; yellow; "Haughtiness"

Tulip; red; "Declaration of love"

Tulip; yellow; "Hopeless love"

Violet; blue; "Faithfulness"

Violet; white; "Modesty"

Violet; yellow; "Rural happiness"

Zinnia; all colors; "Thoughts of absent friends"

NOTE: If you give a flower in a reversed position, meaning upside down, you also reverse the meaning.

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