Rwanada: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About the location, size, population, and government of the land Rwanda.



Location--In East Africa, 100 mi. south of the equator. To the north, Uganda; to the east, Tanzania; to the south, Burundi; to the west, Zaire and Lake Kivu.

How Created--The combined areas of Rwanda and Burundi are isolated from the world by volcanic mountains, swampy jungles, marshes, lowland lakes, and the Kagera River. These natural borders defined the ancient Tutsi-Hutu Kingdom which, at some unknown point in history, broke up into the 2 separate kingdoms of Ruanda and Burundi, under 2 different Tutsi Kings.

Size--10,169 sq. mi. (26,338 sq. km.).

Population--Over 4 million: Hutu, 90%; Tutsi, 9%; Twa (Pygmy) 1%. 45% Animist, 45% Roman Catholic, 9% Protestant, 1% Muslim.

Who Rules--The President of Rwanda is the militant Hutu, Maj. Gen. Juvenal Habyali-mana. He seized power in a bloodless coup d'etat in July, 1973.

Who REALLY Rules--The Belgians had supported the Hutus from the beginning, even when the Tutsi were in control of Rwanda. After the massacres of both Hutu and Tutsi tribesmen, amounting in some cases to genocide, the Belgian Government cut back some of the $4.5 million it had been sending Rwanda yearly. However, aid has not stopped altogether, and the country is kept out of total bankruptcy by the U.S., the European Common Market, France, West Germany, and the UN. One-half of Rwanda's export industry is in coffee and the U.S. buys almost all of it.

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