Safeway Stores Business; Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia about the U.S. corporation Safeway Stores, their history by the book, their ownership.



Safeway owns 2,100 tractor-trailers, 38 freestanding warehouses, 25 distribution warehouses, 19 fluid milk plants, 16 produce packaging plants, 16 bakeries, 16 ice cream plants, 12 meat cutting and aging plants, 6 egg candling plants, 4 soft drink bottling plants, 3 meat processing plants, 3 coffee roasting plants, 2 jam and jelly plants, an edible oil refinery, a soap plant, and a dressing and salad oil plant.

When Lingan Warren headed Safeway the company was literally run by the book--a set of more than 50 black loose-leaf manuals, which set forth in meticulous detail company policy on every conceivable management problem, including such things as warnings to butchers to wash their hands, comb their hair, and shave. Under Warren, division managers could not communicate directly with each other. Instead they had to send all messages through Warren.

As the largest chain of retail food stores, Safeway has been a target of the United Farm Workers' efforts to get retailers to stock only UFW-picked grapes and lettuce. Safeway has consistently bought non-UFW grapes and lettuce in defiance of the union. The UFW initiated a consumers' boycott against Safeway in support of the union's attempt to organize agricultural workers in California. The boycott lowered Safeway's sales and threatened the jobs of the company's employees, who are represented by the Retail Clerk's union. In exchange for AFL-CIO's support of the grape and lettuce boycott, the UFW stopped their store-wide campaign against Safeway.

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