Saudi Arabia: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About the location, size, population, and government of the land Saudi Arabia.



Location--The Arabian peninsula. Almost the entire interior of the peninsula and the eastern Red Sea coast, but with a shorter coastline on the Persian Gulf. Its northwestern borders are with Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait. Its western boundary is the Red Sea. On the south lie North Yemen and South Yemen, while Oman is to the east. Its northeastern borders are with the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the Persian Gulf.

How Created--By W.W. I, a conservative Islamic religious movement, Wahhabism, led by the Saudi tribe, had succeeded in uniting large sections of the peninsula. Eventually, the Saudis conquered Britain's old allies, the Hashemites, who controlled the Hejaz (the strip along the Red Sea which is the holiest territory in Islam), and by 1926 the Saudis had united most of the peninsula, though the British kept them out of a number of small coastal areas and British-controlled Oman and Yeman.

Size--865,000 sq. mi. (2,240,000 sq. km.).

Population--About 8 million: Almost 100% Arab and Sunni Muslim.

Who Rules--Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, with no constitution. The Koran and Wahhabi religious law are the only existent forms of legislation. All jurisprudence is religious.

Who REALLY Rules--The Saudi Royal Family is supported by the religious establishment, headed by the al-Shaykh family. The U.S. Government provides the military aid and training needed for the severe internal repression that exists and the U.S. oil corporations provide the needed revenue.

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