Science Fiction History: 1932 When Worlds Collide

About the 1932 sci-fi novel When Worlds Collide by Balmer and Wylie, first of the doomsday novels.

--1932. Edwin Balmer and Philip Wylie collaborated on When Worlds Collide and its sequel, After Worlds Collide (1934). These are fairly well-known examples of what after-ward became known as "Doomsday" and "Post-Doomsday" stories. Here the doom was caused by the entry into our solar system of 2 runaway planets named, after their discoverer, Bronson Alpha and Bronson Beta. Alpha, as predicted, collided with and destroyed the earth--but a number of earth's people meanwhile escaped to the earthlike Beta via spaceships created by a crash (in more ways than one) program.

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