Search for the Lost City of Atlantis Part 4: Conclusion?

About the search for the lost city of Atlantis, information about the history and background of search, conclusion of the hunt?

The Continuing Search for . . . Atlantis

Cultists claim that Atlanteans were really superior beings from outer space who brought civilization to primitive earth. Superscientists, the Atlanteans knew about explosives, airplanes, searchlights, and other modern inventions.

CONCLUSIONS: What were the truths in Plato's story? There were Greco-Persian wars from 492-448 B.C. The little Greek island of Atalandi was flooded in 426, the year before Plato was born. However, chances are that his story was an allegory or a pioneer work of science fiction.

Was Mayan culture a result of Atlantean influence from the Old World? If so, then why didn't the Mayans know about the wheel, iron, and the plow? And why didn't the Old World know of tomatoes and corn until Columbus? Linguists do not feel that there are any real similarities between the Mayan language and any Old World or Oriental language.

Can a continent sink because gas-filled chambers beneath it collapse? Geologists say No. Such chambers, which would be deep underground, would be so flexible because of heat and pressure that they would never reach any size at all.

Can continents sink rapidly? Earthquakes cause only small changes in the earth's crust. If land does sink, it subsides over thousands of years. Any large areas that may have disappeared did so hundreds of thousands of years ago, long before Atlantis.

As for the idea that Atlantis was settled by aliens with a highly advanced culture, nothing was mentioned in Plato's works of any modern inventions, and none have been found in recent excavations of ancient ruins.

The name Atlantis has been used to identify ships, magazines, hotels, real estate developments, and a part of the planet Mars. And people keep digging and diving for evidence of the fabled continent everywhere. Was Atlantis real, or is it a city of the mind?

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