Senegal: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Senegal, history of slaves and slavery, being a French colony, a peanut based economy.



The 1st black slaves to come to the New World and Europe were probably the 12 young Negroes sold by an Arab chieftain in 1441 to 2 Portuguese captains at Cap Blanc, Senegal.

Senegal, being the 1st of France's African colonies, had the 1st university, the 1st museum, and the 1st cathedral in West Africa. The elite of Senegal are so luxury-loving that the Government has had to curb their spending by placing a ceiling-price to be legally spent on weddings ($60), baptisms ($40), and circumcision ceremonies ($20).

In the spring of 1965, the 1st World Festival of Negro Arts was held in the capital of Dakar. American representatives included Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, and Josephine Baker.

About 3/4 of Senegal's people remain in the country, uneducated, without modern conveniences or political awareness. They live according to the ancient customs of their tribes, little affected by the modernization which prevails in Dakar.

Eighty percent of Senegal's economy relies upon the peanut industry.

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