Sex and Animal Mating Habits Random Facts and Trivia Part 2

Some random facts and trivia about animal mating habits and sexuality, information on reptiles and ocean life.

The Birds and Bees--and More

Emperor penguins have sex only once a year for a period of 2 to 3 minutes. The female lowers herself face down on the ice, supporting herself by her beak and flippers. The male mounts her, and holding her beak in his, balances himself by his flippers. Many times, he will lose his balance and fall to the ice, only to pick himself up and mount the female once again.

Indian cobras engage in mock combat prior to copulation. They fling themselves at each other; the female struggles violently as the male attempts to place his body next to hers. Eventually, they arrange themselves with their heads and necks raised from the ground and, for an hour or more, strike at each other. The female signals her submission by laying her head on the ground, at which time the male brings one of his 2 penises into contact with her reproductive organ. Copulation lasts anywhere from 2 minutes up to a whole day.

The mating call of alligators resembles the boom of a cannon. Even alligators sometimes cannot tell the difference; fireworks displays have been known to turn on a zoo full of the animals. Females often do not eat 8 to 9 weeks prior to mating. The male, recognizing the onset of the fertility period by a scent which she emits, makes the 1st overtures. He rubs his body against hers, raises his tail out of the water, grabs her neck with his jaws, and hooks his tail about hers in order to position himself to penetrate her. Copulation usually lasts for only 3 minutes.

For many turtles, the courting period is marked by a ceremony in which the 2 stand facing each other, slowly nodding their heads up and down and from side to side for hours at a time. Eventually, the male takes the initiative and places the female's head in his mouth. Later, he sucks on her feet one at a time. The position for copulation varies among the species of turtles. Some males mount the female and steady themselves by biting her back, while others have to rear up in an almost vertical position before penetration is possible.

Octopuses mate facing each other, but their sex organs never touch. The male ejaculates onto one of his tentacles and then uses the tentacle to introduce the sperm into the female's reproductive organ.

California sea lions are voyeurs; they are stimulated by the sight of other sea lions performing sex. Oftentimes, this is the only form of sexual gratification for the younger males since the older ones jealously guard their harems. During the mating season, which lasts 2 months, the older males are expected to satisfy the sexual needs of their harem. Copulation may last an hour or longer as the pair float just below the surface of the water. Once one affair is completed, the male must hurry ashore to begin again with a new female.

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