Sex and Animal Mating Habits Random Facts and Trivia Part 3

Some random facts and trivia about animal mating habits and sexuality, information on mammals.

The Birds and Bees--and More

Among beavers, the female initiates sexual intercourse. When she has found a suitable mate, she signals her intentions by secreting a yellowish oily substance called castoreum from a gland located between her anus and genitals. The male follows suit, and as long as he shows her the proper respect--she may have to box his ears from time to time--they will probably remain together for the rest of their lives. At mating time, the female emits a scent a stimulates the male. They glide into the water and, face to face, copulate as they swim slowly forward.

Male giraffes use their skin-covered horns only for fighting with a rival over a female. For their part, the females seem lackadaisical about sex. When prodded by a male, a female will urinate so that he may test the urine to see if she is in her oestrus (ovulating). Oftentimes a female will simply walk away during copulation, sending the unwary male plummeting to the ground.

Rhinoceroses use their brute force to test the strength of each other before mating. For hours on end, they charge one another, their 2,000 lbs. or more attaining speeds of up to 35 mph. Once the female is certain she has a worthy mate, she will instigate copulation. The male mounts her from the back and penetrates her with his 2' long penis. They continue to have sex for about an hour and a half, with the male sometimes ejaculating every 10 minutes.

Despite their size, elephants are among the most gentle lovers in the animal kingdom. Every 3 to 6 months, both males and females experience a period of musth, during which they seek out a mate. Musth is an emotional state brought on by the temporal gland, located just beneath the skin midway between the car and the eye. The gland becomes swollen and secretes a dark strong-smelling substance which stains the lower part of the face. Once an elephant has found a suitable mate, the 2 will begin to flirt. The male offers the female food or squirts water over her back as she looks on nonchalantly. Finally, usually after a month, the female gives in and the male mounts her from the rear, gradually rising to an almost vertical position as he achieves full penetration. Afterward, the pair entwine trunks and swish their tails.

Chimpanzees are probably the most highly sexed primates. They indulge in considerable oral-genital play and mutual masturbation. Young chimps gather to watch these displays and, afterward, emulate their elders by mounting each other and giving pelvic thrusts. Female chimps seem to have an almost insatiable sex drive. During their period of oestrus, some have been observed engaging in sex more than 20 times a day.

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