Sierra Leone: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Sierra Leone, the colony of Creoles, the protectorate, the diamond supply.



The Colony--The inhabitants of the original Crown Colony are called "Creoles." There are less than 45,000 of these descendants of former slaves. They make up the aristocracy: an educated, sophisticated group of lawyers, doctors, clergymen, and politicians. They center around the capital city, Freetown, a sleepy Victorian city with few modern buildings.

The Protectorate--The indigenous tribes who live in what was the British Protectorate of Sierra Leone make up the nation's large lower class. They hold low-paying jobs in the mines, railroads, and waterfronts. In 1956 they revolted against the strict class distinction. Gaining political awareness, they are moving toward political equality with the Creoles.

Sierra Leone supplies 1/4 of the world's diamonds. In 1945 the 3rd largest diamond in the world was found in the Woxie River.

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