South Africa: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About the location, size, population, and government of the land South Africa.



Location--Southern tip of Africa, between the Atlantic on the west and the Indian Ocean on the east. North are Namibia (South-West Africa), Botswana, and Rhodesia; to the east are Swaziland and Mozambique. Inside lies the independent kingdom of Lesotho.

How Created--Formerly the Union of South Africa. Withdrew from the British Commonwealth in 1961 to become a republic.

Size--471,445 sq. mi. (1,221,037 sq. km.), twice the size of Texas.

Population--24,500,000: Bantu, 70.2%, in-including Zulu, 18.8%; Xhosa, 18.3%; Tswana, 8%; Sepedi, 7.5% and Seshoeshoe, 6.8%; white, 17.5%; colored (mixed white and African or Malay), 9.4%; Asian, 2.9%. 14.5% Bantu Christian, 14.3% Nederduits Gereformeerde (Dutch Reformed), 10.7% Methodist, 8.8% Anglican, 6.7% Roman Catholic, 18.4% other Christian, 22.5% no religion or unknown, 4.1% other.

Who Rules--State President serves as Head of State but the Prime Minister heads the Government and has the greater power. Parliament makes laws. Senate: 44 members elected by the Provinces and 10 appointed by the State President; House of Assembly: 160 elected by South Africa and 6 by South-West Africa (Namibia).

Who REALLY Rules--The white minority--in the general sense. Only whites can vote or run for office in parliamentary elections. But in the particular sense: (1) Afrikaner nationalists, embodied in the Dutch Reformed Church and the Broederbond, a white-supremacist secret society with tentacles into the highest levels of government; and (2) the Chamber of Mines, the gold-diamond-uranium monopolies (e.g. Anglo-American, Kennecott, etc.), in very tight with the Government and the English-speaking financial interests.

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