Spain: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Spain, the Spanish Civil War with Franco, the economy and exports.



The Spanish Civil War was the result of a revolt by Army officers led by Franco (the Nationalists) against the Popular Front Government (the Republicans). The one thing common to all factions--republicans, monarchists, liberals, conservatives, radicals, fascists, socialists, the Church, anarchists, the military, communists, peasants, and regionalists alike--was a stubborn refusal to compromise. The reforms undertaken or attempted by successive governments of the Republic were, in the last analysis, always too little for the left and too much for the right to accept. Enormous pressures from all sides led inevitably to the outbreak of the Civil War in July, 1936. One million people are said to have died in that war. (See: Attempted Utopias, Chap. 31.)

Traditionally an agricultural country, food products continue to represent half or more of the total value of Spanish exports, especially olives and olive oil, citrus fruits, cereals, grapes, wine and sherry. However, tourism has rapidly become a major source of income as Spanish resorts have become increasingly popular with foreigners, due, it seems, to Spain's relatively cheap prices. In 1974 over 30 million tourists visited Spain.

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