Strange Trivia in Sports: Miscellaneous Sports Oddities

Some strange trivia, facts, records, and events in some miscellaneous sports categories.


Ted Terry rode his bull, Ohadi, from Ketchum, Ida., to Times Square, New York. He began the trip in July 1937, and arrived in New York City on August 11, 1940.

Anton Lewis of Brockton, Mass., set the record for bar-chinning when he chinned himself 78 times in April, 1913. This event took place in England.

In May, 1966, Stephen Williams, of Altrincham Grammar School, England, set a tiddledy-winks speed record by potting 24 winks from 18" in 21.8 seconds.

The wealthy citizens of Mexico City play a game called frontenis which is a cross between jai alai, squash, and handball. The courts, which are found only in the private homes of the Mexico City aristocracy, are 38 yds. long, 10 yds. wide, and have walls 9 yds. high. The racquet resembles a tennis racquet with tougher strings to bat the hard rubber ball (the size of a tennis ball and very heavy). The game is fast and exciting, and sports promoters have tried unsuccessfully to make the sport public. The problem is that all of the players are wealthy and prefer to keep the game exclusively among the rich of Mexico; no amount of money can induce them to turn professional.

The international wheelchair games have entrants from 35 nations who can choose from 36 areas of competition.

In Wales there is a sport called "purring" in which 2 men face each other with their hands on each other's shoulders, then begin kicking each other in the shins with the reinforced toes of heavy shoes. The 1st man to let go of his opponent's shoulders is the loser.

In 1900, Johann Huslinger walked from Vienna to Paris, 871 mi., on his hands. At 10 hours a day, the journey took Huslinger 55 days.

John H. Schueter of Watertown, Wis., is suspected to be the world's champion cigar smoker. He smoked 24 cigars a day, 438,000 in his life-time (approximate value $50,000), and lived until he was 81.

Perry Greene of Maine was considered the greatest wielder of the 11-lb. wood-chopping ax. The sport is to sharpen an 11-lb. ax until a man can literally shave with the tool, then hold it with one hand above one's face and lower it toward the nose. The slightest slip would split the contestant's face. Greene did this daily. Not one man in 10,000 can touch his nose with the 11-lb. ax.

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